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Sending Money to India

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SWIFT wire thru chase
Hi all,

I have initiated a direct wire transfer from my J P Morgan chase bank to my NRE account with SBI India using SWIFT.
I have given the SWIFT code of the SBI bank and
the transfer is already happening in Rs.
It was sent on April 8th and I was told that it
will go thru within 2-3 working days.
SBI India has not yet received it.
I am beginning to worry and need to know if
anyone has had any experience or tips on this
This is first time I used SWIFT wire hoping it would be faster and more reliable that ICICI or SBIOnline. But now I am not sure.

Any tips would help,
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quick remit or slow remit
looks like quick remit is just not living upto its name. on the last few occasions, i tried logging in, it logs me out automatically. simply superb technology by hdfc!
looking at the complaints on remittances, i feel, RBI should take over this job as indian banks, be it public or private or companies like times of india which support the remittances services, are just not positioned to deliver services....
is someone listening!
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Try SBI, if you are not in hurry to transfer money
I used SBI to transfer money from my US Credit Union account to India Citibank Account. It worked pretty much up to my expectations. It took 4-5 working days but that was it had said, it will. No hidden charges I paid to any party. I got an exchange rate of 39.75, when that day's exchange rate was ~40.1. Not that bad. When I initiated the transaction, it showed me an exchange rate of 39.30. But the day transaction actually happened at the backend, Re had become weeker to $. I got 39.75. That probably means, the exchange rate you get could be lower or higher than what it shows to you at the time of transfer, depending on how the currency rate goes during those first 1-2 days.
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Poor Service for transferring Money
I wanted to send more than 10000 US dollars for which I followed instructions online. Every time the message was "Your transaction cannot be made".

Secondly, the exchange rate shown was 39.43 for US $5000-10000 tier. I got only $38.93 when I sent $5000.00 as I could not send $10000.00. My complaint is how do I know how much Rupees I will get if they cannot honor what they put online. Is this a gimmick?
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remit to India cheating
Remit to India want you to refer customers and promises you to pay $10 for referrals but they cheat like they do in all other aspects of the business like exchange rates. Recently I referred a friend and t hey never is not about $10 ..but about the hurt that one feels for being cheated ,,i wrote to them and they are coming up with some stupid ...answers the friend did not enter my number !!!!..I warn others to be careful
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Money remittance
So far we have tried:

ICICI - Takes about 5 working days, but I follow up within 2 days to make sure the money is being transfered as never know with the bank holidays and all the things that go on in the bank

SBI - Takes about 5 working days apprx, it sends you an email immediately the funds are transfered

HDFC - Havent tried this one as yet.
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Banker remit money to India when the rates are down
I completely agree with everybody’s experience with ICCI bank. They delay the payment on purpose so that they can pay us low rates.
I am trying out SBI, any thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Money-To-India extremely bad experience
Guys, I was using this service for quite some time, and looks like with time ICICI bank's service is gone to new lows. I sent 4000 British Pounds on Jan 22nd, and today Feb 2nd, almost 10 days, and no trace where the money gone. Its good for them as they can use happily my money without any interest. This is nightmare, I am calling them almost everyday 08081 314151, their call center guys are equally helpless as me, they say what I can see from 'Track Remittances' link on Money-2-India website i.e. status "Request Received". I can't believe this that a bank with no system. Finally after calling their useless call center everyay, finally I sent a mail to [email protected] with screenshot of transaction, ohhh thanks a lot Mr Kamath, I got a reply after 2 working days that you will be getting reply after 2 more working days. I can't believe this, I am just praying God to get my money back, and will never this ridiculous service and advice others not to get into their trap. I am even planning to complain to FSA in UK, which is quite strict to such malpractices of rouge banks. This is the status till now, would update my horrible experince with Money-2-India as and when I get to know.
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Please check out
Please check out and help other Indians who may fall prey to Remit2India. Thanks
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Remit2India issues - IMMIHELP please guide/save Indians

I use ICICI money2india since 2 years, never had any issues in getting the funds.

I was attracted to remit2india based on some advertisements, but come on yaar. The moment you go to their website, you can feel that it sucks ..... "Dimaag ki ghanti nahi bajti kya ??"

Kyu marwani .... I would highly recommend ICICI money2india as a safest bat.

I feel remit2india plays heavy games on daily changing dolar rates and rotating your dollars in the international currency market.

I will gift $500 to the one who bloody cracks down this remit2india international scam.
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