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Sending Money to India

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Never Ever Transfer through
I have recently transferred 1 lakh rupees to India through 2 transfers of 50,000 rupees. Unfortunately the recievers's bank details has been (Bank number) changed and the DC(Direct credit)returned. So I updated the bank details and send an email. but only one transaction has been reached to the person.Other was at the same stage.

 Then came the real trouble. No service. Their live chat is not working. Their contact number was having technical difficulty and asking me to call later. ( no way to contact them for 2 days) after two days their number started working. Looks like the freshers who they employ with cheap labour never know what is happening.
 They tell me always please send email to
[email protected]
 each time I call they tell same answer. (Sir I do not know about that I am in sales. Please send email to [email protected]).
 But for the email there is no reply. they can afford to do no reply. because they get interest for 50,000 rupees.

Till now I am following it up At least 10 emails I have send , 5 phone calls. Still in dark.

 Is we have to do all these things to save 20 dollar. That is the big question I am asking every body here

 So request all the people think about the service if anything gone wrong.
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Remit2india cheat
I agree that remit2india is fraud , they trap you with the trick of best exchange rate but you will loose big amount of money with their other hidden charges, it would be nice to go with other companies who offer lower exchange rate but deliver the more amount of money.Also remitindia does not deliver the amount they show up on their web site while bokking the transaction so be carefull , their customer support sucks ...
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Bank of america wire transfer
I have a similar case, I did a wire transfer using bank of america in baltimore MD johns hopkins branch to my own account in India using SWIFT codes. I was told that india is a slow to pay country and it takes about 3 weeks and no investigations would be dont till then. It has been 2 and a half months and it hasn't gone through. My bank in india has not received anyy information regarding this from bank of america and the bank of america is not willing to help. Every time i contact them they tell me that they are sending e-mail to the bank in india to find the status and that the money is in india and nothing can be done about it and it is possible that i lose my money. I have no clue as to how to go about it. Please help!!
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Good Experience (HSBC)
Although I don't have HSBNC brnach in my cit, I mainly opened an accounttheir due to good Online Savings rate. Latyer I opened a checking account. I find their wire facility prett useful. Only thing is thatyou need to have a phone password ahead of time. Once you have all the right accounts numberrs in place, all I do is fax the info from US in the am time to their fax number and they wire it within an gour or so. In all the three-four transfers I have done, the money gets deposited in my parents ICICI account on same day. They typically check it around 3 pm or 4 pm the very next day and the money is in their account. Never had any problems. You need to provide all SWIFT code/Intermeditae bank a/c etc, properly in the fax. One thing though, I have not compared their exchnage rate, if it is the best or not.
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Remit2India - Money laundering Fraud

Remit2India has been cheating people by sending less money to the beneficiaries in India. It took me 3yrs to realize that. However I am planning to file a case and a formal enquiry using the Money laundering laws and a formal enquiry with the Texas National Bank where these guys are affiliated with. When I sent money it said that 9$ service fee would be waived.(I didn't ask for it. It showed on the website) and the money when reached my beneficiary was much less than what they advertised on their website. When I checked with them they told me that they charged me 9$. What would have happend had I not realized this.

My email ID is [email protected] and I want to report. All you guys out there who wants to go against them send me an email.
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Remit2India - Problems Bad Service
This is a BS service. I could have drawn up a DD locally against SBI or any other bank in the US that does INR DDs and still could have got hte money in good time to my parnets in India.

Every time the story is the delivery will be in 2-3 days once the funds are confirmed. however funds get confdirmed and debited one one date and then it has taken about 2 weeks for the money to reach India.

I had avoided this service like the plague for a coupel of years. Recently I found that they had introduced something called "Rupee Express". This promised the same 2 day delivery and I decide to try once again. They also had a new "mobile alerts" to let me know what happens to the transaction via SMS.

The same story but this time after two weeks the money had not reached yet. So I write to them and ask about the status. I get a response that indicates that there were some details missing in the transaction and hence the money could not be delivered and that I should update the beneficiary details.

It took them 2 weeks to find out that the beneficiary details were incorrect. It appears that they have a phone number from what peopel have said here, however when I call all I get is a status update that says that the money has been dispatched.

This is a ridiculuos service. Preloaded cash cards may be a better option. Even if you have to do a few of them. Now I have the long and arduos process of getting my money back from these incompetent company.
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Never ever transfer money using Remi2India. I had transferred some money about 3 weeks back and is still not credited in my India account. Customer service has no clue what to do. Anytime you call them, they will ask you to send mail to [email protected]..
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I had transferred some money from Singapore to India through on 30.10.2007. However, till now the beneficiary's account has not been credited. Remit2India has even stopped replying to my emails. Last email they said they are following it up with the beneficiary's bank. Their customer service is pathetic. Everytime I try to talk to them they ask me to email [email protected]. I send an email to that address and I am just getting an automated reply.

Is there any way I can get my money back? I am thinking of filing a complaint with the bank or go to small claims court. I do not know whether that can work in Singapore. But I do know that I am not going to use remit2india again.
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remit2india is very very bad experience
friends i registered with remit2india to transfer 100 dollars.since there was a fee of 3 dollars i transfered 103 dollars to remit2india authorised deutshe bank account on 7/nov/ is debited and transfered to deutshe bank on 12th of nov.but still remit2india says money is awaited.i have written no.of mails to them but there is no response.i guess should take legal action against them

so pl dont use remit2india.use money2india.its very smooth.
i need to write this to singapore local news paper so that anyone transferring would give a thought

customer service pathetic.
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can we complaint against remit to india
HI friends,

I am also victim of remit to money is on hold saying ssn number fault and they are asking to send the scnned copy of the ssn and i denied that and ask to cacel the transaction.last 5 days i am calling but nothing is happening..please let me know we can complaint against them to BBB or not? what is their usa address to do that or RBI have any facility to complaint..they took money from my a/c with out checking the credentials and we dont have access to site also if typo error happned to edit.So please my friends dont ever use remit to india and tell ur friends too..this way we can help our friends..
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