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Sending Money to India

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Best Way To Transfer Money To India
Transfer Money Internationally with \$0 fee
Cheapest method or the best hack. Conclusion came with experience of trying almost every service provider in the market available. My research says Transferwise is giving maximum for 1st time and with live lock in exchange price. I call it a hack as no fee is to be paid this way. Transfers are also timely fast and hassle free. But best feature is minute by minute updated exchange rate which can be compared on websites
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Compare Money Transfer options before you send money to India !!
Hi All,

Sorry guys, Posting it again, because of typo in earlier message !!

You can check out ExchangeRateIQ this website could help you search and compare best exchange rates for sending money to India.
It help to find the options to send money online, cash or even through the banks. You can find the highest exchange rates and lowest fees by comparing the remit rates on Exchange Rate IQ.
They also provide a list of coupon codes for Xoom, Money Gram and West Union
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Cheap way to send money

What else to ask for, when its a dependable brand with trust value. Fast and Dependable service.

Send Money Abroad with TransferWise

If you still don't believe then go to any comparison site
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Reason for money transfer
Recently, I was asked by the company that i used for transferring money internationally as to the reason for my transfer? My reply was that it was meant for family support/maintenance, since i still have family back home. The company now wants to know what did they use the money for? They want to know more details around it. what should i say? Also, if some of the money was saved/invested, could that have any ill effect on me telling them that? please advice. Thanks
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money transfer to india from us
RemitLite is a most secure money transfer site to date. RemitLite is the most cost efficient and fastest money transfer system I have used. and as well RemitLite is the cheapest, most convenient,reliable and fastest way to send standing in line like other places to send money . yes in emergency I can do it from office and the comfort of my home on my computer. I have sent money many times with RemitLite and it has always been available immediately and never a problem for the receiver...I would recommend RemitLite to anyone who needs to send money with trust on Remitlite .
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Best way to transfer money from USA to India
I have done lot of research on money transfer services and tried almost all available services including Xoom, Transferwise. As per my experience, I found Placid Express best for money transfer to India and other asian countries. It gives highest exchange range for every transaction. There is no transfer fee if you transfer from Bank to Bank account. They have weekly limit of \\\\\\\$2400, but I think that is fine for most of us.
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Time & Money consuming Services
 I have used RemitLite many times now and so far I really like it. When we send money to my ICICI Bank account in India the money gets there in less than a Time What we think, and I don't have to pay fees . I was a little skeptical the first time I used this service especially when it was so easy and the transaction happened so fast. I've used it a second time and is very happy and impressed with the service. Plan on using it more in the future. I think RemitLite is great, very fast and convenient service provider . without any problem RemitLite is best online money transfer to india .
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Markable services by remitlite
RemitLite is the trustable name in digital payments specialist, TimesofMoney. RemitLite trusted name in the online money transfer industry for over fourteen years, RemitLite has helped over a million NRIs, to conveniently and securely, transfer money to India form USA and UK .

With RemitLite, you get the option to lock an exchange rate when you book a transaction which means that you get the assured rupee value in India even if there is a market fluctuation. You stand to get a little extra every time you send money through RemitLite with its additional beneifts. You also get notified instantly every time a transaction takes place. Plus, you can set up payment alerts for your regular payments as well as get reminders. You can also track your money instantly using the Status Tracker which gives you instant updates on where your money has reached. RemitLite is a fast, safe, best way and convenient way to send money home to India
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Ria was best
Moved to US recently, After lot of research found Ria Money transfer was fast and best, they even offered 30Days free transfers.
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I registered with Xendpay.
It's a very good service because they are offering highest exchange rates. The amount is fixed. So, the changing rates won't have any affect, after initiating the transfer. Fees is optional and editable.
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