K Visa Consulate Process

Once the consulate receives the approval notice of Fiance Visa Petition from the NVC, they will send a "Instruction package for K visa applicants" (formerly called Packet 3).

The approval of Fiance Visa Petition is valid for only 4 months. However, the consulate can give you one 4-month extension.

Sample request letter

Step 1
Instruction package for K visa applicants (Packet 3)

Immediately return the following documents for each applicant:
  • Complete DS-160. You only need to send the confirmation page.

  • Two photographs

  • Clear photocopies of the biographic data page of your passport and the last page of your passport which contains your parents/spouse's names, and any other page(s) which may indicate any change in name/date & place of birth/marital status

When including the form please include all names used by each applicant, including any names used in the past. In particular, women must include their full name as used during a prior marriage, before/after that marriage, and any other aliases. Please use the exact spelling and name order specified in the applicant's passport.

The consulate cannot complete their clearance procedure until above documents are completed and returned to them.

It is fine for the parents to fill and sign the form on behalf of young children. Just sign your name, and then write Parent of [child name].

If your children are about to turn 21 years, they no longer will be eligible for a K2/K4 visa. Although not guaranteed, write "PLEASE EXPEDITE, AGE-OUT MM/DD/YYYY" (the exact date your child will turn 21) in red ink on the top of any cover letters and primary applications to hopefully expedite the case.

Fiance Visa Health Insurance