DS-160 Form Guide: E-Visa Information
Category Information
You have indicated that the purpose of your trip to the U.S. is that you will be a treaty trader/investor. Answer the following question concerning your E-Visa application.
  • E-Visa you are applying for

    Choose from

  • E-Visa Company Registration Number
    Provide it, or if applicable, click 'Does Not Apply'

Applicant Present Position Information
You have indicated that you are applying for an E-1 or an E-2 Visa. Provide the following information concerning the business or company employing you.
  • Type of Applicant

    Choose from:

    If 'OTHER' is chosen, explain in detail.

  • Present Position and Duties (describe in detail)

  • Employer Name

  • Years with Present Employer

  • Employer Address

  • Highest Level of Education
    • School

    • Degree

    • Major

    • Year

  • Do you have any other relevant education to report?

    If 'Yes', explain in detail.

Applicant Position in U.S. Information
  • Describe your position in the United States, including title, duties, and immediate subordinates.
    • Title

    • Duties

  • Annual U.S. Salary and Benefits Package
    • Salary

    • Allowances/Benefits

  • Are you replacing a worker already in the United States?

    If yes, provide the following information:
    • Surnames

    • Given Names

    • Type of Visa Issued

    • Date Visa Was Issued

    • Country Visa Was Issued

    If there are more than one such workers, click on 'Add Another' and provide the above set of information for each one of them.

    If no, provide the following information:
    • Is this an increase in staff?

    • Is this a continuance of an existing employment in the United States?

Applcation Contact Information
  • Responsible officer within the business enterprise:
    • Surnames

    • Given Names

    • Position

  • Name and address of person who may be contacted about this application:
    • Surnames

    • Given Names

    • Complete Address

    • Phone Number

    • Fax Number
      Enter it, or if applicable, click 'Does Not Apply'

    • Email Address
      Enter it, or if applicable, click 'Does Not Apply'

Temporary Work Visa
  • Where Do You Intend to Work?
    • Name of Employer

    • E-Visa Company Registration Number
      Enter it, or if applicable, click 'Does Not Apply' 

    • Complete Address

    • Phone Number