DS-160 Form Guide: Personal Information
Personal Information 1
  • Surnames (As in Passport)
    Your surname. Also called Last Name in U.S. If there are multiple surnames listed in your passport, you should enter all of them. In Indian passport, this should be listed in first line in name.

  • Given Names (As in Passport)
    Your first and middle name. Also called Given Name. In Indian passport, write everything that is written in second line in name.

    Please use the exact spelling and name order indicated in the passport. Issuance of visa will be delayed if the consulate is not informed of all names, previous and current, used by each applicant.

    More details

  • Full Name in Native Alphabet
    According to clarification received, those applying in India can click on 'Does Not Apply'.

    Virtual all Mexican applicants can click on 'Does Not Apply'.

    China: YOu must write your names in Chinese characters here. You must provide telecodes for your names.

  • Have you ever used other names (i.e., maiden, religious, professional, alias etc.)?
    This would be blank for most people, but if you used any other names in the past, write them here.

    If you only have other surnames to enter, enter the same given names as above. Conversely, if you only have other given names to enter, enter the same surname as above.

    "Maiden" name means the name a woman used before she is married (if she changed it after marriage). Married women must be sure to include their full name as used before marriage, after marriage, and any other aliases.

    If there are variations in the person's name in different documents due to cultural issues, you can enter those names here.

  • Do you have a telecode that represents your name?

    If yes, you will need to enter for both surnames and given names

  • Sex
    Self-explanatory. Choose from either 'Male' or 'Female'.

  • Marital Status
    Choose appropriately from the choices: MARRIED, SINGLE, WIDOWED, DIVORCED, LEGALLY SEPARATED.

    K1/K2 visa: This must be anything other than MARRIED or LEGALLY SEPARATED
    K3 visa: This must be MARRIED

  • Date of Birth
    Date when you were born. This date should be there in your passport. If day or month of your birth is unknown, enter as shown in passport.

  • Place of Birth
    Place were you were born. Write City (Village, town), State/Province and Country where you were born.

    State/Province of Birth: If State/Province is not applicable to you, check 'DOES NOT APPLY'.

    Country of Birth: The name of the country should be the name that is currently in use for the place where you were born.

Personal Information 2
  • Country/Region of Origin (Nationality)
    Country whose citizen you are. e.g., "India". The name of the country should be the name that is currently in use for the place where you were born.

  • Do you hold or have you held any nationality other than the one indicated above on nationality?
    Indicate 'Yes' or 'No' appropriately. If you answer 'Yes', you will be asked to enter the following details about each nationality you had:

    • Other Country/Region of Origin ( Nationality) Select from the list.

    • Do you hold a passport for the other country/region of origin ( nationality) above?
      Answer 'Yes' or 'No' accordingly.

      If answered 'Yes'.
      • Provide the following information:
        Passport Number

  • Are you a permanent resident of a country/region other than your country/region (nationality) indicated above?
    If answered "Yes". Provide the following information:
    Other Permanent Resident Country/Region

  • National Identification Number
    India: Select 'DOES NOT APPLY' for Indian citizens.

    Mexico: Enter the Clave Unica de Registro Poblacional (CURP) as it appears in your passport. If the CURP is not shown in the passport, please check "Doest Not Apply".

    Other: If your country has any such number, write it here.

  • U.S. Social Security Number
    If you were issued a U.S. social security number, enter it here. Otherwise, check 'DOES NOT APPLY'.

  • U.S. Taxpayer ID Number
    If you were issued an ITIN number or any other U.S. taxpayer ID number, enter it here. Otherwise, check 'DOES NOT APPLY'.

    If you have already entered the social security number in the previous question, you don't have to enter that here again.