DS-160 Form Guide: Travel Companions Information
  • Are there other person traveling with you?

    Answer 'Yes' or 'No'.

    You should answer Yes to this question if you are traveling with family, as part of an organized tour, or as part of a performing group or athletic team. You do not need to list individuals who are traveling with you for the purposes of employment with the same employer.

    You enter only the names of close family members (such as your spouse and minor children) who will be traveling with you. You can prepare a family/group application once you are done with the first applicant's application. All of you will be interviewed at the same time.

    If you answer " No", no further question. If you answer 'Yes',

    Are you traveling as part of a group or organization?

    If you answer Yes, enter group name;
    If you answer No:

    • Surnames of Person Traveling With You

    • Given Names of Person Traveling With You

    • Relationship with person

    If you have more than one person traveling with you, click on 'Add Another' and enter the above set of information for each of the person.