USA Visa Fees

$1= Rs. 74

Note: This section describes visa fees where the applicants deal directly with U.S. consulates such as V visa, K visa etc.

If you are applying for other visa types such as visitor visa, H1/H4 visa, L1/L2 visa, F1/F2 visa etc, you have to go through Stanley and the fees are different. Look at the details.

Application Fee: The fee that the U.S. embassy/consulate charges when you apply for a nonimmigrant visa. It is $240 and has to be paid in Rupee equivalent. This fee is non-refundable irrespective of whether visa is issued or not.

Fees have to be paid by separate Demand Drafts. DDs can be drawn on nationalized banks or local branches of foreign banks. DDs drawn on Co-operative Banks are not accepted. Credit cards or personal checks etc. are not accepted. The Indian Rupee equivalent amount of application fee is subject to change depending on exchange rates.

Please write your name, passport number, and date of birth on back of each demand draft using only a pencil. The demand draft must have its counter foil to prove that you have obtained it from the bank and not from the road guys. The counter foil is the receipt given by the bank when they issue the demand draft.

Depending upon the embassy/consulate you are visiting, make the demand drafts payable to
"US Embassy, New Delhi" payable at New Delhi
"American Consulate General, Mumbai" payable at Mumbai
"American Consulate General, Chennai" payable at Chennai
"American Consulate General, Hyderabad" payable at Hyderabad
"American Consulate General, Kolkata" payable at Kolkata

in the amount of Rs. 17,760

You also need to pay courier delivery fees. Please bring a demand draft for Rs. 350 plus Rs. 50 for each additional passport, payable to "Blue Dart Express Limited." for the courier delivery fees. Consulate does not accept cash for this service.