Choosing University for Studying in USA

You need to consider many factors while choosing your University. Your academic achievements and test scores matter a whole lot and will help you choose a proper university where you can secure admission.

Common protocol suggests that you need to pick 5-7 universities that you could possibly get accepted into based on your scores. You can refer to the rankings of universities in your academic field which are released every year by popular magazines like U.S. News and World Report, Princeton review and others.

Picking a university does not have a "One size fits all" answer. Out of the list of universities that appeal to you, go to the Admissions web page of each university, look up the admission criteria. Some times, depending on the university, each individual department has additional requirements for admission or financial aid.

The 5-7 universities that you pick should be considered in such a way that you have 2 good schools to suit your academics and scores (nothing wrong in aiming high), 2-3 medium range schools, 2-3 average schools. The reason for this is to maximize your chances of getting selected at least by a couple of them. This would possibly give you a couple of I-20s to make choices. You have to consider if any financial aid was offered on the I-20s of these schools that have admitted you which will help you in obtaining the visa easily.