Letters of Recommendations (LOR)

Many graduate schools require 3 letters of recommendations from either the academia or professional references if you are working. It can also be a combination of both academic and professional recommendations.

Some schools have specific LOR formats that need to be filled out, sealed and signed across by the recommender. It has to be mailed directly to the school and is considered confidential information.

Letters of recommendation should possibly include your how well you performed in the class of the professor, where you stand in the class in terms of percent (top 1%, top 5%), why the person is recommending you, should highlight any specific areas/characters/nature of the student (like industrious, hard working, quick learner, good communication skills etc). You can refer to the standard LOR formats of some schools to see what specific information they are looking for.

If using a generic LOR for a school, the LOR should preferably be on the official letter head of the person issuing the letter with contact email and their position (Lecturer, Asst Professor, Professor, HoD etc.) and signed with the official seal of the person of the college.