Tests for Studying in USA

Many of the tests required and used by colleges to admit students in the USA are administered by an organization called ETS (Educational Testing Services). These tests were all conducted by ETS earlier. Now some of them have been split and are conducted by separate boards. GMAT is conducted by GMAC and SAT by the collegeboard.

The requirements for the tests and the formats are available on the pages. Each school has different score requirements which can best be obtained from the web pages of the schools that you are choosing to apply.

Also, note that many schools accept only official score reports sent directly from the test provider and do not accept copies of the score reports sent to you by the providers. This would cost additional money to request a score report to be sent to your school. Make sure you utilize properly and select the right schools for the 4 free score reports that comes with your exam fees paid for each of these tests. You may have to fill in the university names and code that the score report needs to be sent to at the time of registration or after the exam depending on the test you are taking.

GRE: Graduate Record Exam

TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language

GMAT: Graduate Management Aptitude Test

SAT: Scholastic Aptitude Test