Sample Letter for Longer Stay Request at Port of Entry

Rahul Gupta
123 Park Avenue, Apt 45,
Edison, NJ 08837

Phone: (732) 391-9293

May 6, 2002
Immigration Officer,
Newark Liberty International Airport

Re: My mother, Sita Gupta, entering U.S. on Visitor Visa on May 16, 2002

Dear Sir / Madam,

I, Rahul Gupta, residing at above address, am writing on behalf of my mother Sita Gupta, since she cannot understand/speak English. She would like to enter the United States on a visitor visa on May 16, 2002 to tour the country and to spend time with us.

She would like to visit various places such as New York (Statue Of Liberty, Empire State Building etc.), Atlantic City, NJ, Washington DC, Disney World in Florida, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon etc. To visit these places, she is dependent upon me due to the language constraint (she cannot speak or understand any English), and also she can not drive a car.

As I work on a full time basis as a Software Engineer, I have to take vacation/use weekends/long weekends to accompany her to visit these places. It is not possible for me to take a long vacation for this purpose. Also, due to her age, she cannot visit all these places in a short period of time in a package tour, as it would be too hectic for her.

She has a confirmed return ticket in the second week of November 2002 and she has already bought the health insurance for 6 months.

I am attaching herewith a tentative itinerary for her stay in the USA. Therefore, I kindly request you to grant her a longer stay in the USA, such as 6 months.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Rahul Gupta