Sample Affidavit for Mother - Visitor Visa

I, Sita Gupta, aged 50 years, wife of Ram Gupta, residing at 123 Shankar Lane, Malad(E), Mumbai - 400 027 do hereby declare as follows:

That I would like to visit USA to visit my son Rahul Gupta and his family and to visit the tourist attraction locations in USA such as New York, Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Las Vegas, Disney Land and Florida. I would be staying at my son's residence at 123 Park Avenue, Iselin, NJ 08830, USA. I intend to visit USA for 6 months. During my stay in the United States, my son will bear all my responsibilities including return air ticket fare, food, housing and medical insurance. I would accompany my husband during my stay in USA.

That I am a house wife and have been staying with my husband since our marriage.

That I have my old in-laws I need to take care of. My father-in-law, Krishna Gupta is 78 years old and my mother-in-law, Radha Gupta is 73 years old. Both of them are staying with us and we need to take care of them as they are fully dependent upon us.

That I have unmarried son, Vijay Gupta, aged 20 years and I need to arrange his wedding after my return from USA.

Place: Mumbai

Sworn to before me