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Cholamandalam Insurance - Delay in reimbursement of checked baggage delay
When once the claim for 'checked in baggage delay' is accepted, whether the Insurance Company can refuse to send the 'reimbursement money' by means of a cheque direct to the Bankers of the Insured upon specific request from the Insured. The Insurer refuse to send the cheque direct to the Banker of the insured.The Insurer insist that the 'reimbursement money' can only be sent to the insured's account by means of online transfer. Insurer ask for IFSC Code of the Banker, whereas Banker says that the IFSC Code is not operational just now. In what clause of the terms and conditions governing the insurance, is there a provision based on which online transfer alone is relied upon by the Insurer.
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good expeience with 7 Corners insurance
As an American I bought this health insurance for 4 months stay in France. When I had a car crash, the French hospital immediately took the insurance and admitted me without any fuss or request for payment.
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I am happy that we did not have to use it.
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Parents are visiting - Need Insurance
Dear All,

I heard through various forums ICICI Lombard is not good and need to take US based insurance.

Please suggest which insurance is good to cover pre existing conditions, claims and treament?

What is ment by Comprehensive versus Fixed coverage?

Kindly share your experience.

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Atlas Travel - Fulfillment
Dear Bobby,
thanks very much for your help. Really appreciate you going out of your way to help me with the visa letter.
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I am a retired Defence Offcial and a senior citizen. I had availed the Travel Health Insurance Policy from M/s Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Ltd., Pune vide Policy No OG-10-1501-9910-00012180 valid from 03-Dec-2009 to 31-May-2010 (name of the policy = Travel_Assist_Classic). I reached USA on 4-Dec-2009 along with my wife for whom also I had taken the policy from the above Insurance Company.

During 2nd week of Feb, I had certain serious health problems because of the extreme winter here viz., palpitation, dizziness, numbness in both the hands and shoulders. I was immediately taken to one of the hospitals in Clifton at New Jersey on an emergency condition as per the referral of the Alliance Partner of Bajaj Allianz in USA on 09th Feb 2010. After examining me, the Hospital prescribed two immediate tests viz., CAT scan of the brain and EKG (ECG) to arrive at a final diagnosis of the problems and also to ascertain whether any stroke threats exists or not. I was kept on temporary medication and the Hospital sent the message to Alliance Partner of the above Insurance Company to approve the above two tests on emergent basis. The Hospital had also stated that the symtoms do not pertain to any "pre-existing illness" and has to be evaluated after seeing the results of the above tests under emergency condition. They in turn referred the matter to Bajaj Allianz in India for approval. The total cost for these two tests works out to be USD 1275 (Cat scan USD 1200 + EKG USD 75)

But Bajaj Allianz did not give any cognisance to the report given by the Hospital and stated that they cannot approve these tests until they receive a final diagnosis???. They further stated that they can approve only USD 300 treating the above symptoms pertaining to "pre-existing illness" as against the medical opinion of the Hospital. Whereas, as per the terms of above policy, I am eligible for USD 50,000 (deductable USD 100) for medical expenses. In the meantime, their Alliance Partner in USA referred me to the same Hospital for EKG which was done on 2nd March. In the absence of the CAT scan report, the Hospital is not in a position to arrive at a final diagnosis of my present health problems, whereas BAJAJ ALLIANZ remains adamant NOT to approve the same stating that they want the final diagnosis/medical report which is only possible after completing the above test. as if they do not believe the medical opinion given by the Hospital where they had referred me for treatment, what a paradoxical and controversial situation?

Though I have been constantly corresponding with BAJAJ ALLIANZ, Pune for getting the above CAT scan approved, while I continue with the temporary medication for the problems mentioned, the above INSURANCE COMPANY is still delaying the matter on some or the other pretext like "final diagnosis" "pre-existing illness" "final medical reports" etc., They are really cheating me. I must state here that people who are intending to avail travel insurance from BAJAJ ALLIANZ must be CAREFUL, as once the policy premium amount is paid, they would not bother about our health problems especially when we are out of India.

I therefore submit this pathetic and unfortunate situation I faced(especially being a senior citizen) before the Indian Consumer Forum for necessary intervention in the matter and getting necessary medical coverage/treatment from BAJAJ ALLIANZ on an emergent basis.
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ICICI Lombard - refusal to honour claim, loss of original papers
Me and my wife traveled to Sweden to meet my son living there. We had travel insurance policies from ICICI Lombard vide following policy nos. 4030/2835707/00/000, 4030/2835712/00/000. Suddenly we had to rush to USA due an emergency, my daughter living in USA met with a car accident and had abroken hand. We had to rush to attend to her. A seperate ticket was booked from Stockholm-USA-Stockholm.
We had to come back to stockholm and then spend 2 days at stockholm before going back to Delhi.

On our way back from USA, the flight got cancelled and thn rerouted. Due to which we were forced to stay at New York for a night. We loded this incident with ICICI lombard and were told to shop and eat for bare necissities. We did an expense for around $300, which was refused once we reached home.

The flight got further delayed and we barely managed to catch out flight from Stockholm to Delhi. We could not meet or spend 2 days at Stokholm which was initially planned.

Our luggage was booked from USA to Stockholm, Sweden but we never got our luggage at stockholm due to various delays. Airlines had no clue where the luggage was.

When we reached New Delhi, we filed a PIR with the airline ( do not forget here that the 2 airlines were different Delhi-stockholm - delhi & stockholm-USA-stockholm ). We got our suitcases after 3 weeks of repeated followup and requests. All our important doctor reports for continued medecine were in the baggage. Since we were travelling for 2 months, all our essential clothes were also in the suitcases.

We made a detailed report to ICICI Lombard and sent it to the address mentioned on the ICICI claim form.

When we spoke to them after a few days they said tht no papers were received.
They then told us we had to send the papers to a different address.
They told to re send the papers. We made a claim again.

Then when i called, they said they want originals, whcih i had already sent to them, which they had now lost. I visitied them personally at Delhi office and the person told me he will look at it.

After repeated follow up also i did not get anywhere with them.

They did not pay me anything. Lost all my original bills/ and papers. No one ever called me to ask anything or help.

I am a retired senior defence officer and i would like to seek justice and compensation on the mental torture, stress, cheating, misbehaviour, loss of money and unprofessional approach of ICICI lombard.

I still have some photocopies to support my claim.

pls advise way forward.
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Overseas Travel Insurance - Cheating and Fraudulent Transactions by ICICI
Reference to Policy number - 4030/W-369655/00/000 - I have taken an overseas travel policy in Chennai for a travel to US for 6 months. Based on the policy’s refund procedure, I am eligible for a refund of the unused portion (3+ months) because of my returning back to India.

I am a senior citizen, and I had to talk more than 6 times, and Email more than 8 times with the customer service of ICICI Lombard, in vain, and till date I have not received the refund, even after escalating the details to the grievance people as advertised in their website (Three names are mentioned), however, they do not even have professional ethics to respond to customer query.

I am old enough to raise this battle legally, and with such a pathetic customer service, I would strongly not recommened anyone to take any of ICICI Lombard’s policies. In case of any requirements as to details of this case, I would be happy to provide.

I have paid around Rs.19000 in terms of premium amount, on which, almost half of the amount is eligible for refund for non-usage, as per the policy terms. There are no claims or whatsoever against the policy, however, I am getting same responses on different dates from a customer service professional - Pankaj Chettri, that I have claimed an amount of Rs.300USD! (same as in his mail) If this is the case, ICICI should be paying me this money back! However, this cannot happen, as there was no such claim. I am getting a sense that ICICI enters in fradulent transactions similar to what I have quoted above, and probably, some bigger fish is yet unrevealed.

If you want to waste your money, energy and time, get disrepected and cheated, you have to knock at ICICI Lombard for a policy.
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Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Calim for trip cancellation
No response for mails, calls nor getting refund of claim amount from 3 months till the date
Kind Attn : Bajaj Allianz team,

IHSP Travel iTrack No 38582209 / PRAKASH PATIL / OG-11-2001-9910-00003415/ Claim for Others / Trip Cancellation & IHSP Travel iTrack No 38582185 / ASHA PATIL/OG-11-2001-9910-00003416/ Claim for Trip cancellation

This is with reference to the above subject, I am really upset with your non-systematic process, irresponsibility, poor response & pathetic service. I am waiting for my claim since past three months. We neither are getting any good & proper response from your side till the date. This is really ridiculous. I am following up with bajaj people on regular basis regarding my claim. They just keep on demanding for more & more documents, even though i have submitted all the necessary documents required for Bajaj Allianz from me.

Few points to be noted which is unacceptable as follows,

Though I have clearly mentioned that all Pegasus Airline tickets are completely non-refundable which is marked by marker (Pink colour) as well, still you are asking for refund receipts. So again I request you to study the case in-detail. You can verify with the respective airline regarding non-refundable fees.


Bajaj have asked the proof of visa cost not refunded by visa office. For your information all visa fees are non-refundable. They never ever refund any amount back once visa get stamped on passport & Visa is stamped on the passport which is been submitted. They don’t/won’t give any kind of receipt saying this amount is non-refundable. Bajaj can call up the respective embassy & verify the same.


I had applied for UK visa as well. Here nowhere I seen the cost of UK visa considered in below list . Why is it so...? Only because of the visa receipt has not been provided by me.As per my knowledge the UK visa is stamped on the passport & once visa is stamped on passport, fees are not refund ed. Visa fees are always non-refundable. Visa Office will not provide any such kind of receipt for the same. You can verify the amount with the respective embassy for U.K as well as for Shengen visa.

Kindly consider mine & my wife’s (both) case very seriously & genuinely. I request you to study the case again in-detail.

Waiting for your positive reply at the earliest.

Thanks & regards,

Dr. Prakash Patil/ Mrs. Pallavi Gadekar (daughter)
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ICICI Lombard not giving claim Baggage Loss on International Travel Insurance
It has been more than 3 months since I had filed for claim for baggage loss to ICICI Lombard but with irrelevant excuses, they have refused to take the claim ahead.

Policy No. : M006799.15

Somebody please help me in this regards as there has been no response from the ICICI Lombard authorities.
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