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insubuy     12/13/2016 14:41 PM

Email received from a happy customer

I needed to get a visitors insurance and Sean helped a lot
He provided expert recommendation, was very patient to hear my questions and explained all the facts in a very easy way

Great discussion with him.


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insubuy     12/12/2016 09:52 AM

Email received from a happy customer


I want to commend Theresa to you. She helped me tremendously with an insurance problem and has made me a customer for life. I will depend upon her goodness always.
Sincerely, Craig R

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insubuy     12/11/2016 11:47 AM

Email received from a happy customer

Hi everyone,

My name Ben. I just received a great service from Theresa and wanted to say thank you for that. She was a great help, very personnel and gave me a lot of valuable information.

I want that to be recognized.

Thanks again.


Ben S

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insubuy     12/10/2016 00:18 AM

Email received from a happy customer
To whomever it may concern:
I am writing to express my pleasure and satisfaction at the professional and courteous manner in which Ms Cristy W addressed all my questions regarding the Patriot America visitor insurance plan I am interested in purchasing.
I hope and wish her work etiquette sets a precedent for others to follow.
Best wishes,
Kaustabh G, Ph.D.

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insubuy     12/08/2016 17:01 PM

Email received from a happy customer

I had pleasure of talking to two wonderful agents today - Russell Cand Sean (don’t know the last name).

Both were exceptionally nice, knowledgeable and helpful.


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insubuy     12/07/2016 09:46 AM

Email received from a happy customer
Hello Management,

I was serviced well by Teresa to acquire a plan from Patriot America

Ramadurai N

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insubuy     12/01/2016 16:29 PM

Email received from a happy customer
Russell, Kimberly & Christy were very helpful in guiding us in the purchase of health insurance for a friend & customer whose son is coming to study for 3 1/2 months in New York. This is our first experience in this process and they made great suggestions and then assisted us in the actual purchase.

Thank you again,

Linda & Mike

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insubuy     12/01/2016 13:21 PM

Email received from a happy customer
Dear Insubuy Management,

My name is Victoria S, I live in Florida. Since approximately the end of the summer I started looking for a travel insurance for my elderly parents. I happened to find your company in my web search and the services (policies) that you provided were something that caught my attention. Amber F was the representative who handled my questions, doubts, (innumerable at times) and with a high sense of professionalism, still kindly approach, answered all of them. Multiple calls were made, different options she offered and took the time and effort to explained all of them to me. Amber has been well mannered, patient, punctual (in every call we agreed to have). And she always went right to the point, indicating the best and most convenient, based on our necessities and her experience at what she does.
I finally purchased the 2 policies (Patriot America) last Tuesday.
Thank you Amber.
Victoria S

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insubuy     11/30/2016 15:45 PM

Email received from a happy customer

I just purchased a traveller's medical Insurance policy with you guys and
would like to appreciate the information provided to me by Lyle on 11/29 evening abd by Kim on 11/30 morning.

Swapnil J

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insubuy     11/30/2016 09:30 AM

Email received from a happy customer

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to praise the customer service I received from a representative of your company today (November 30, 2016, 9-9:30 AM, EST).

Today I did a Google search for Trip insurance for US citizens living abroad but traveling to the US." Information from your company was one of the top results, and I found the web page helpful and compared it to a few others, and decided to use Insubuy. I did have 2 questions that needed clarification, so I decided to call the customer service number, using Skype. Ryan, who answered my call, was very polite, patient, and kind when speaking with me. He answered my questions with clarity, allowing me to make a decision to purchase trip insurance with Insubuy. He then offered to help me complete the purchase while I was on the phone. This was fantastic, as he did encounter a situation which needed further clarification (I am married to a non-US citizen and our child is a US citizen). Ryan was able to let me know that I had to purchase 2 policies, one for me and my son, and a separate one for my husband. He took care of all the information and I received my policies quickly via email before our conversation was finished.

Thank you for such a positive experience. I will definitely be using Insubuy again in the future. Thank you very much to Ryan, also, for his patience, professionalism, and positive attitude.

Mrs. Kristina B

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