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insubuy     05/07/2017 11:55 AM

Customer review
After comparing Insubuy with a few others we are satisfied with having bought my dads insurance since her is travelling from India and we are convinced that you guys were very clear with info and Amber was very helpful!!

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insubuy     05/07/2017 11:53 AM

Email from a customer
Hello Management:

Just a quick note to say that, I had a great experience with your agent Teresa (Xtn 113), who have excellent service:
- explaining my options to me, and to understand the differences in coverage
- helping me narrow down my choices
- helping me make the right choice (hopefully).

I just bout a near $3000 visitors health policy for my parents, and she helped me make that decision in comparison to others that I was contemplating online for just a $1000.

Anand R

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insubuy     05/03/2017 16:53 PM

Email from a customer

I would like to take the moment to appreciate the help she provided regarding my insurance card. She has good understanding about product you offer and her follow up was quick.

You should have more of these kind of people to increase your business.


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insubuy     05/03/2017 15:34 PM

Email from a customer


I just hung up with a "Lady -name Theresa" in your office.

I'm a "Senior citizen" and the service Theresa provided is so uniquely excellent that I had to take time and have to write this!

I hope all other in your business will emulate her example of service!

Please thank her on my behalf

Mr Ravinder K

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karthik101     05/03/2017 13:09 PM

Wanted to share my experience with Insubuy and how they help. When my Mom's medical claim was denied by the insurance due to the fact that the provider submitted after 90 days timelimit, I reached out to Insubuy claims issue resolution team for assistance to reconsider the claim.

Fellon from that team at Insubuy reached out to me and promptly coordinated with the insurance to explain my situation. She was able to convince them and help that claim reprocessed.

I really appreciate the help from Insubuy


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insubuy     05/02/2017 17:25 PM

Email from customer
I called customer service today to seek advice for the best visitor's insurance coverage options for my parents visiting US from India. I was helped by your customer service representative, Lyle.
Lyle was very courteous and patient with me. He advised Safe travels USA comprehensive option for my father, who is 78 because of better coverage for sudden acute onset of preexisting conditions for his age group. He also advised Atlas America for my mother, who is 64 as one of the best cost/coverage combination for her age group.

I went with his advice and bought the above two policies through your website. I really appreciate Lyle's help to select the right insurance options for my parents.

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insubuy     04/26/2017 23:21 PM

Email from a customer

Am really impressed the way the policy details were explained by Rosi. I was visiting ***.com but i did not get good response.

It was a great discussion with Rosi and helped me to understand all the questions that i raised. Am deeply satisfied and bought the policy.

Rosi explanation impressed me to get this Policy Atlas America Visitor insurance.

I want to appreciate the help.

Suresh E.

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insubuy     04/26/2017 19:25 PM

Email from a customer

I have been in telephonic communication with Ms Kimberly D, regarding the purchase of an insurance policy, for my daughter and twin grandchildren.

I wish to state here that it was a pleasure dealing with Ms Kimberly D and her performance was 10/10,in all respects. She was able to address all my concerns and helped guide me to the correct insurance provider and the best suitable insurance cover for my needs.

Excellent job and very well done.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Capt.Sanjay S

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insubuy     04/26/2017 08:44 AM

Email from a customer

This is to let you know that, I got excellent service from Theresa A today. When i purchased insurance, the confirmation e-mails
were not received. She tracked down the problem and resent the e-mails and followed up to confirm i received them.


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insubuy     04/26/2017 08:43 AM

Email from a customer


I would like to provide feedback on Ryan’s customer services. He is outstanding, patient, and informative.


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