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Nagendra Kumar- ()     11/16/2004 16:25 PM

My parents came to vist us and unfortunately my father fell sick and had to undergo a surgery. We had bought the best insurance cover from Oriental Insurance in India who are partnered with CORIS. We contacted CORIS before the surgery and were assured that all payments will be made to the hospital and the doctors on receipt of bills. Promptly after the procedure, we did send all the originals and sent a fax of all the docs to CORIS. It has been almost 6 months now, but havent got a single dollar from CORIS. We continue to get bills from the hospital and some of them have been sent to the collection agencies. It is very very painful to go through this. CORIS does not respond to calls, they can hardly speak English and they always refer to the claims dept which is opened only between 12 and 3 EST. If you are lucky to get across, they tell you that the payments are processed and payments will be made, but they are FULL of LIES ! They have done nothing so far.

Please buy a local insurance and save yourselves the pain.

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MM- ()     11/08/2004 00:40 AM

Beware of Coris America. I agree with all the information that has been posted by people about Coris. I had the same experience. My FIL had stone problem during his visit to US and i got $6000 bills. Coris despite several faxes and Fedex didn't process the case in the first place and after they processed it they keep telling that its sitting in their claims department. Their claims department works only from 12-3 Pm and the customer support speaks such a bad english. They talk so rudely. Despite several calls they still haven't paid a penny.

If you check this site
They don't even have a license to operate from Florida.

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SK- ()     11/03/2004 16:11 PM

My MIL was on a visit and had a heart attack. No preexisting condition. I had insurance thru' India Network - AIG. The problem with these types of insuarnce is that, the covereage is good for minor problems but is very limited for anything that requires surgery and hospital stay. For a total bill of 35k, the insurance has paid upto 6k or so and the remaining is on us. Now we have to work with the hospital to see if they would offer any discount and I am sure it is not going to be easy.
I wonder if there is any insurance that will cover reasonably upto 75-80% for major illness for higher premiums. I have not found any. Does anybody know?. I wish I was aware of the limited coverage. Not that I could have prevented what happened but ....

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Vijay- ()     11/01/2004 13:28 PM

When my father visited US this year, we had a horrible experience with coris america..they take too much time for pre authorization, their representatives speak bad english, handle paper work badly.. have all the documentation and still keep asking us to fax again and again..and rejected our case saying it was pre existing..my father had a tough time ..i wud never recomend them to anyone.
next time i am planning to take insurance from american company..any suggestions??

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Shankar- ()     10/28/2004 00:46 AM

MY scenario is very similar to one Mr Satya who has posted.

Father-in-law, was admitted on an emergency. Had gallstone removal surgery.

It was not preexisting.But SRI has denied all bills claiming it is preexisting. The amount is in excess of $50K!!

Everyone here posts experiences, it would be nice if someone can share, what one should do as the next step. Am at a loss tofigure out what to do.

I can send mails/letters..but am sure the insurance co. will reject all those.
Is it better to contact an attorney rightaway?

Pls do reply!

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Ratna- ()     10/26/2004 13:08 PM

My mom also got the insurance from India through new India assurance. She complained of aches and we contacted Coris and they selected a doctor and asked us to go and see that doctor.

This doctor works in a hospital and has asked my mom to get some tests done (x-ray and blood). I informed Coris about those tests and they said, "it is fine, go ahead". After few months, I kept getting bills from the hospital for those test. I contacted Coris at least 15 times on this issue. They say once, it is not a approved charge and after a fight, they said they paid the hospital already. I still kept getting those bills from the hospital for $272.80 and $50. I contacted Coris several times and this time they said, may be the check was lost in mail and that they are immediately sending another check. All of a sudden, I got a letter from collection agency. So Coris is all full of lies. I tried to contact Coris and all their phones are disconnected from phone service.

I would like to coordinate with anyone who have similar experience with CORIS and file a complaint against this company. My guess is that they closed this business and may have milked tons of money from insurance companies in India and other countries.

[email protected]

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kirtee kapoor- ()     10/21/2004 11:23 AM

i got my mother medical insurance from new india assurance when she last visited us from india -- she hurt her back and we spent about $500 at the doctors. coris which handles the claim in the US has not paid the claim. repeated calls result in no concrete action except banalties like -- still pending; please call claims department; i will call you tomorrow; etc.

i am filing a complaint against this company with better business bureau, with federal trade commission and will also sue them in new york small claims court.

i would appreciate if you could contact me with your experiences so that a solid complaint can be made to the relevant agencies. what we need to show is that there is a pattern of denial here and this is a scam which should be investigated by the federal authorities.

please email me at [email protected]

thanks very much,
kirtee kapoor

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insubuy     10/08/2004 21:20 PM

Today, I am writing this experience as a customer and not as insurance agent.

My mother is here and I have purchased visitor medical insurance as well as Careington Dental plan. We did not have to use medical insurance so far, but I had to use Careington Dental 3 times so far.

My mother had tooth pain, therefore I looked at the provider directory on this website for Careington and found a dentist less than quarter mile from my house. I took an appointment and I was given appointment for next day, which I would consider that it is quite fast.

When we visited dentist office, I simply showed Careington dental plan card and I was told to pay my co pay and rest was covered by Careington. During first visit, only examination was done and we were told that she needs several tooth extracted. He gave appointment for next day and extracted necessary tooth.

Next week, we visited again to extract another tooth as it was necessary.

All 3 times, so far, I paid my co pay and rest was taken care of by Careington. No claim forms, nothing. And in the procedures that I did, I would say I had to pay around one third of the total cost. (Actual cost for you may vary depending upon what you get done.)

Therefore, I believe that this plan has worked out pretty good so far for me personally. (Of course, I have heard from several of my customers that it worked out good for them too.)

When we visited first time, dentist prescribed some pain killer medicines. Those are not covered by Careington. That needs to be covered by visitor medical insurance, of course, subject to deductible and co-insuranace. As the medicine cost was only $9.99, I didn't bother to do any paperwork and simply paid myself at CVS Pharmacy.

I would strongly recommend everyone to get Careington dental also in addition to visitor medical insurance. This plan costs only $11.95/month for a family. And I advise everyone not to wait until the last day to get this coverage when your relative complains of tooth pain, because it takes around 7 to 10 business days before participating dentists can see the insured's name in their computer. And you can't pay all money first, and then file for claim. You have to settle everything at the time of service.

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Krutibas Biswal- ()     10/08/2004 19:55 PM

I had great experience with Liasion international administered by SRI. I had purchased insurance (comprehensive : FOR ABSOLUTE PEACE OF MIND) for my parents and my mother fell sick with flu. She became very sick and had to be admitted to the emergency @ Stanford Hospital. The hospital honoured the Liasion Insurance card and billed the insurance company. It was a huge bill, but the insurance paid for everything per the brochure and I had to pay the deductible.

They even reimbursed for all the prescriptions and also paid for Ambulance charges.

Overall, great experience and I recommend insubuy.com to everybody who needs absolute peace of mind regarding insurance coverage issues.

Thanks for reading.

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Paras Rastogi- ()     10/07/2004 13:31 PM

I took my FIL to emergency room for chest pain he was there for 2hrs the bill came to about $1350.00 just for monitoring and ECG.
I made sure I did not sign anything
I asked him to sign everything
Of course we filled in our home address

I have recevied the bill addressed to my FIL
He has gone back to India
Now what? I just plan to trash the bill.
Can they come after me if i did not sign stuff..
on I-134 i did not mention that I will pay for medical expenses.

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