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Selva Muthukumaran- ()     10/06/2004 15:01 PM

Thanks for seding the cancellation confirmation. Indeed I am in receipt of the refund. I would like to take this oopurtunity to convey that I had a wonderful experience having Visitors Care(IMG) plan in terms of claim processing and other services etc. I will certainly buy the insuarnce from BuyAmericanInsuarance.com for my furture needs.

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Dr. Paul Gergens- ()     10/05/2004 14:29 PM

I have traveled all around the world for many years and have had occasions to purchase travel medical insurance from nearly every company listed on this site. However, the company I have found to be the most reliable and experienced is IMG (International Medical Group). I always recommend IMG to my fellow doctors when they are traveling.

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mauli- ()     10/05/2004 08:35 AM

Can anyone please tell me how painful it should be when an insurance claim is submitted and you are waiting for processing to be followed by reimbursement or direct payment to health care service provider?
Does it involve series of rejections and counter questions which you don't anticipate because you've read a rosy brochure?
Pl post your recent experiences good or bad particularly with AIG.

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Selva- ()     09/29/2004 00:05 AM

I bought Visitor Care paln for 5 months of my parents visit to US. I took my father to a Physician for general sickness and I submitted the claim directly to IMG. I got the claim processed within a month and got the appiclable reimbursemnt promptly.

Overall, I had a good experience with this plan.

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sanjeet- ()     09/21/2004 00:41 AM

I bought insurance from tata-aig in india 4 moths back for my father. I took him to hospital for a minor surgery(as he fell down from stairs). hospital charged $2000 and tata aig payes me $1900 after deductible.

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Kuldeep- ()     09/20/2004 13:02 PM

good service. proividing different options with a single search. I suggest to take comprehensive. also buy insurance from USA for hassle free claims and peace of mind.

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Patak- ()     09/19/2004 22:29 PM

I have a very bad experince with liaison. I bought comprehensive insurance from them for 6 months for my aunty(during dec'2003). she got a heart attack and hospital charged me $30000. she never had aany heart related disease.. so far Liason didnt pay them and Iam getting bills from hospital to pay. so never buy insurance from Liaison.

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Ramesh Reddy- ()     08/25/2004 15:02 PM

India Network is biggest fraud company using the status of non-profit and selling insurance. AIG should look into their worst services.

India network doesn't know how to act professionally. Their main aim is to get the money and provide worst medical insurance to visitors. I would suggest visitors not to buy from India Network.

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Himmat Patel- ()     08/19/2004 13:49 PM

This is my personal experience and would like to share with everyone looking for insurance.

First those who are thinking of buying from India Network...Be Safe and don't buy from them at all.

India Network doesn't pay at all and all my friends have faced the same problem with India Network. They are so rude and unfriendly. I would recommend you all to be careful before going to India Network.

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Dipesh- ()     08/19/2004 01:21 AM

I am almost deciding between IMG's Patriot America policy or SRI's Liason. They both cost about the same (SRI a bit more expensive but lesser in some benefits). Anyone knows which one of the two companies are really good in claims processing ? Specifically, I would like to know :
1) network coverage
2) whether the big claims are paid by the insurance company directly to the hospitals
3) SRI pays UCR charges where as I do not see any mention of UCR in IMG when I did the comparision - does that mean IMG is better because they pay whatever is billed vs. what the company thinks is reasonable fee in the area

I like people to share their experience in dealing with them. I would like this info in a day or two since my parents are visiting soon.

-Dipesh Mehta

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