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Sathish- ()     08/06/2004 10:17 AM

Please post good experiences with insurance companies . I am sure there are many . It will help guys like me to decide on which insurance company to go with .

Also i am seeing much negative publicity about mercury international . My parents when they visited in 2001 took insurance from India thru
New India Assurance . I took my Dad to a doctor once and had to spend about 1000$ +
I filed a claim with Mercury International and they paid me about 800$ after 2 - 3 months .
I got the money from UK . This is my experience .
It was not a pre existing condition at all .

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Tania- ()     08/05/2004 23:12 PM

This company never ever pay their bill. Their claim department work only 3 hours for 5 days. So most of your calls will remain unattended and also unanswered.
New India Assurance/Mercury International (Coris). They have not paid $1400 of my medical bill.

They do not have any toll free number for claim department. You spend minimum $200+ in calling them.

Also they are liar. They say that they have paid for bills which they did not. You need to fax them the same document atleast 5-6 times for them to receive. They close the case without paying the money.


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Prasad Nadella- ()     07/23/2004 13:31 PM

I mom bought a health insurance from TATA when she visited USA. She had a medical check up and then we have send our bill for claims to CORIS America for reimbursement in the month of Febraury 2004. I called the company several times and they never returned my call and finally when I get someone to talk to it took me 2 months to push them to process the file (and hell I dont know what they mean by processin....if they ever do anything!!!!). I kept callin.....callin and finally they said my case has been send to the clamis department(whatever this is..) and they give a number to call to find out about the status of our application. And what would you expect from a company like this??????? No one actually lifts the phone and answers it.

I kept calling so many times and they never even bother reply me back. I wonder if anyone works in there???

If you happen to read this please be cautious about such companies.

Thank you,

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Suri- ()     07/18/2004 00:44 AM

My father visited to US last month and he fell sick and I have to take him to ER. My father is having insurance with AIG and I am expecting around $40,000 as the total bill. My question is if the insurance company doesn't pay or it pays partailly how I am responsible for the rest of the amount.

I appreciate your reply on this.


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M.VENKATA RAO- ()     07/09/2004 11:47 AM

I have taken travel insurence for 82 days from 24/04/04 to 14/07/04 for my self and my wife as we planed to return from our usa trip by 14/07/04.While coming our bagage delayed for 3 days and corris international has paid $100 dollars.we have got our return ticket confirmed for 18/07/04 and we will reach India by 20/07/04.
We have taken the insurence for 82 days on the advise of the agent and assurence that any time the insurence period can be extended.This is also there in the policy that the insurence can be extended for a total period of 360 days(initial 180 days and Extension 180 days). I approached the icici authorities to extend our policies up to 21/07/04 and initially they asked me to pay Rs312? each ploicy and after wards they changed their version that the policy cannot be extended since a claim has been paid. I have given enough carifications through mails but the authorities sent me regrets.This is very horrible since our policy premium is inclusive of our return journey and other risks like loss of passport,bagage etc for our return journey also.Will it not come under cheating the policy holders. even the icici is not ready to make a fresh insurence policy for the extended period(Since no company i found that take up one way journey insurence )

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BSA- ()     07/07/2004 18:41 PM

I'm thinking of buying a comprehensive coverage for my father who is visiting US, and perhaps opt for a high-deductible. The idea is to cover myself against any high cost expenses, without worrying about minor stuff like sickness or small injuries etc. Is this a good idea?
I also see that the comprehensive plans include things such as Trip Interruption, Emergency reunion, Return of minor child, Loss of checked luggage etc., that are of no use to me. Is there an insurance that allows me to select only the coverages I need?
Any suggestions would be appreciated. The selection of insurance seems to be pretty complicated...

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Sharma- ()     07/06/2004 16:23 PM

My mother is 59 years old and she visited me last year in July from India. She had to go to the emergency dept bcause of breathing problem. The hospital discharged her the same day and Hospital has billed $2357, but AIG approved coverage to an extent of $300
only. The tests that were done at hospital include ECG, Blood test, X rays
and these were performed under 'Emergency'.

What is the use of paying more than $1000 for insurance for a period of 6
 months if the policy does not cover any emergency conditions?

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Annie- ()     06/10/2004 10:15 AM

Hi to all,
My mother came to US to visit me, having a travel medical insurance for the emergencies. She had as preexting conditions ovarian cancer (tumor removed one year ago), diabetes, high blood pressure. All of a sudden she got sick here and we went to the emergengy room. The bill came $15.000 and the diagnosis was kidney disfunction. The insurance company(ICICI Lombard from India) doesn't want to pay and I can't pay this money. I am an F-1 student. I didn't sign any document stating that I'll support my mother with money. She is no longer in the US. I want to know what happens in those cases. Can the hospital charge me? Can this situation affect my status, since I 'll not pay?
If somebody had a similar situation, please share that with me.


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Satya Dintakurty- ()     05/21/2004 13:37 PM


  I have purchased visitor medical insurance for my parents from InboundUSA. The plan is administered by SRI. On March 10 2004 My father had surgery to remove gallbladder ( gallstone was formed in the gallbladder ).

SRI is denying to process the claim saying that it is pre-existing. Hospital charged $38,000 just for staying 2 days. I recieved separate bills from surgeon and anesthesian. Total comes around $45,000.

But this is not pre-existing. My father never had this kind of symptoms and never recieved treatment for this. He came to USA on 01/31/2004. The symptoms like abdominal pain and vomitings started on 02/28/2004 and then became worst and 03/10/2004 he had a surgery for removal of gallbladder, because they found a large gallstone in the gallbladder which causes these symptoms.

  Can any body help me to find attorney in bay area california who can handle medical insurance problems.

                       Thanks in advance

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Anjan Roy- ()     05/17/2004 16:42 PM

Hi! Of all the insurance choices you offer, only one is renewable (Liaison International from SRI). Given that the prices for all choices are quite similar, why would anyone choose the non-renewable option? Just curious... am I missing anything? I did purchase the renewable option for my mother-in-law but I am just wondering if I made a mistake.

Thanks very much.

Anjan Roy

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