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Leena- ()     05/12/2004 13:28 PM

 My parents are planning to visit USA this summer. We are planning to buy either National or ICICI-Lombard health insurance for them. Does anybody have any experience with ICICI-Lombard health insurance claims service? Their claims phone number seems to be in only India and Germany. Does it make difficult to get hold of them when in emergency?
Please share your opinions with me.

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Sanjay Kumar- ()     05/03/2004 01:20 AM

They say a lot about their company and claim best and reputed in India. But it is all lie. They take 12-15 months to pay bill (even not full).

For emergency or hospitalization, they have toll free number to get authorization in USA. But for calim service no toll free number and you will have to make more than 100 paid calls to settle and discuss about your bill. I have spent more than $150 on calls made to this company.

They believe that visitor will go back to India and then there will be nobody to ask about their bills and this will be all savings to company. But they don’t know hospital may put this amount on someone’s credit history who is living in USA.

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Rakesh Sharma- ()     05/01/2004 15:14 PM


I just read an article in Economic Times(Times of India publication) that Supreme Court of India warned Indian Insurance Companies that they better pay genuine claims and not create unncessary hassles.

It does not say specifically for international medical insurance but it is general warning for everything, which includes international travel medical insurance too.

Here it the link: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/649599.cms

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Ankit Agarwal- ()     05/01/2004 15:09 PM

My mother is 52 years old and she is visiting me from India. She had to go to the emergenct dept. in the hospital because she complained of chest pain. The hospital discharged her the same day and did not attribute any cause. The insurance company has asked me to pay the $2000 bill and they will not prepay because thay say that my mother suffers from mild-hypertension and it was not disclosed at the time the policy was purchased. They have asked me to pay the bill now and submit a claim for reimbursement later.

Should I pay the bill or leave it unsettled? I am not sure if the insurance company will reimburse me. If I do not pay the bill then what can happen? Does the insurance company has sufficient legal grounds for not paying the bill?
Please help me with the possible options at this point.

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P. R. Laud- ()     04/28/2004 16:07 PM

Hi all,
 Just an update -- I'd asked when the actual ID cards would arrive in the mail -- they arrived within 6 days. When I'd called to check the people were very helpful and told me that if the cards did not for some reason arrive, I would be sent replacement cards.
P. Laud

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Bellalcheroo Ramamurthy- ()     04/23/2004 01:25 AM

The Oriental Insurance Company / Mercury International Assistance and claims

During my visit to USA from August-October 2001, while staying with my son in Medina, Washington State, I accidentally fell from the staircase, hurt my left ribs and suffered from severe pain. I was treated for this in Lake side Hospital, Seattle on 2 days. My wife also took some treatment in this hospital around the same time. Meantime, I returned to India with my wife on 27th October 2001.

After paying the hospital bills for the treatment of myself and my wife, My son prepared two completed claim forms and sent them in March 2002 with one covering letter to Mercury International Assistance and claims Ltd. England, supported by all necessary documents and paid bills in original. However after a long interval, only my wife’s claim was settled by sending a cheque for $512.17 after deducting $100 as per the condition in the insurance policy.

In July 2002 my son reminded Mercury about my claim for $904.29 Mercury however, called for insured persons’ complete policy although this was sent earlier with the original claim form. A copy of the policy along with Xerox copies of the entire claim kept for our record earlier was also forwarded by my son to Mercury in November 2002 requesting early settlement of my claim.

There was no response for a long time. So a reminder was sent by my son in April 2003. In July 2003, Mercury again asked for the entire insured person’s complete policy. My son was visiting India in December 2003 and at that time a Xerox copy of the Mediclaim Policy B&H Policy Yr / No. 2002 / 3526 along with the entire bunch of documents returned by Mercury in July 2003 was retransmitted by registered post.

It is clear that after settling one claim of my wife, the documents with the other claim were simply filed by Mercury on the assumption that the case was disposed off. In the latest letter of 28th December, 2003 sent by registered post ack due, Mercury was specifically told of this error on their part and asked them to search and trace the other claim papers at their end.

The claim is nearly two and half years old and remains unsettled even to this day. I am at a loss as to what further steps are needed in getting my dues paid to me. Any help in this behalf is appreciated.

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Renga Kannan- ()     04/21/2004 13:35 PM


I have to take a decision to choose between Comprehensive plan Vs. Fixed plan for my visiting parents. I know that comprehensive will give a better coverage than fixed. But the cost difference is too much between these two. Comprehensive is costing double the time as Fixed. By keeping this in my mind, I have the following question.

1. Let us say if I choose the Visitor Care, Is the amount limit in each cateogry is sufficient here in USA. Can we manage within that ? Is anyone has any experience with Visitor Care insurance? Good/Bad please share with me.


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David Whitehead- ()     04/18/2004 10:48 AM

May I take this opportunity to thank your Company for arranging my recent insurance(Liaison International from SRI) and for your very helpful website with most important and easily understood information on all aspects of immigration which I feel sure accurately and responsibly addresses a great number of worries by many people including myself!

Medical advice and quotes too are a minefield...but again...SRI set out their Liaison Policy very concisely so clients (and doctors) know exactly where they stand.

Your site leans towards folk from the Sub- Continent but is still very friendly and applicable for guys from Wales. Again my thanks and good wishes for your continued success.

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Renga Kannan- ()     04/12/2004 13:45 PM


I am pretty much confused in deciding health insurance for my visiting parents. I have seen many insuracne companies website and got various informations. I have the following questions.

My Parents does not have any pre existing medical conditions.

1. What is the difference between Comprehensive and Fixed insurance plan? Which one is good?

2. What is the good covergae for parents in the age group of 50-65. (50000? or 10000?)

3. What do you guys think about India Network Health Insurance Program. Any good or Bad experience with them?

Please help me in deciding this.

Thx for your time and info.


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ap- ()     03/30/2004 13:33 PM

does any one know any insurance company that covers pre existing conditions.my father had a heart attack abt 5 years ago.but now he is fine and takes only 1 aspirin a day and no other medicines.

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