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Vikas Phonsa- ()     03/16/2004 19:28 PM

Hi Prabhu and everybody else,

If you ask me, don't even think abt buying any overseas or international insurance from any agency in India. God forbid if you have to use that you will be trouble. Spend a few more bucks and buy a policy in USA that do can count on.

Believe me, those international insurance people are going to treat you like dirt.

So stay away from them. I paid for such a policy for 3 years and then had to pay 1000 dollars out of my pocket for my emergency visit. Can it get any worse ?


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John-Bernard Duler- ()     03/12/2004 00:12 AM

I read a lot of complaints about service with insurance companies. I own a boutique insurance brokerage company and have 20+ years of multinational experience.
Bottom line, you get what you pay for. Don't complain about service and poor benefits if we looked for the chaepest deal on the internet.
All insurance companies have armies of actuaries schooled at pricing products. They all come up with the same actuarial price, +/- 10%.
So what? Well if you find a product 30% less expensive than the competition, there is probably a reason (or many): limited coverage, fine prints, poor availability of doctors or hospital the coverage (a bit like the cell phone provider), etc.
Also there is a price to be paid for piece of mind: buy a product admitted in the state where you plan to go (or your parents are coming), and froma broker licensed in that state. If you don't, then you have no recourse. And don't complain.
Any question, I'd be more than happy to help.

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Vikas Phonsa- ()     03/10/2004 15:16 PM

Through this email I want to bring your attention to the worst service and fraud I have had to face due to the bad policies of Oriental Insurance.

I came to USA 3 years ago as a student and bought an overseas mediclaim policy # 8/3/262200/ /STD/ 611518 from Oriental Insurance company agent in
Jammu, India.

I never had to use this policy and my hard working parents had to pay more than 40,000 rupees in premium over three years in India to keep this policy renewed and updated.

By the grace of God I never had to use this policy for three years but one day before it was expiring I had to go to emergency because I developed extremely severe ear pain.

I went to emergeny on August 16 2003 and today it is March 10 2004 and my valid claim has not yet been paid.

And the hospital has informed collection agencies and I am going to have to pay around $1000 from my own pocket.

The customer service people of Coris USA who are suppossed to handle my claim have always treated my like dirt. They never return my calls and simple keep throwing me from one person to another but nobody helps.

First of all Oriental agents in jammu didn't give me the full policy number on the policy document and my parents had to spend weeks to get the policy number from them.

How were we suppossed to know if the policy number was complete or not ?

I had to go to another follow up visit for the same ear problem cause it had not healed and it was same condition and they say they won't cover it although the doctor in the emergency room specificly told to go for a follow up visit.

Is this what I deserve after paying so much money to oriental insurance ?

Spend more bucks in usa people, don't trust these bogus agencies selling international insurance, they are a fraud period, ask me who has had to face their crap

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Jay B- ()     03/08/2004 13:15 PM

I am a regular visitor to immihelp for its valuable information on immigration topics. For last two years, I bought visitors' insurance for my parents/in-laws also from here.

Thankfully, I never had to use the insurances, and therefore am unable to comment on the quality of insurance itself.

However, while trying to buy insurance from here, I ran into some issues (problems with my PC), and had to call Immihelp's agents. They were very helpful and resolved issues immediately.

From all the experiences here and some more that I have heard, insurance is a must anyway. But also, make sure you have at least 5-10K in reserves to cover emergencies. Then depending on your situation, prepare to travel to your home country. Long term medical problems will seriously dent you financially and emotionally.

Just my 2 cents... Good Luck!

- Getting ready to buy insurance for 3rd year in a row.

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Subrato- ()     03/06/2004 10:58 AM

So far, all the US buyers ahve not posted any specific experience while the frustrated Indian Insurance buyers are very specific about their situation with every details provided thereof.

I have tried to send mail to some the USA insurance buyers and the mails bounced. What is going on? Can we hear about at least one specific good experience from a valid prsonality?

This is not any kind of allegation, but please undrestand that both sides need to be painted in the same way to comapre!!

Expecting some good & specific USA postings.

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Ajith Kumar- ()     02/20/2004 16:42 PM

My parents are coming to US and I am hoping somebody has a recent good/bad experience with these two Indian providers.

Do the US providers accept these insurances or do I need to pay the bills first?

How is the claim handling process?


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kalpak shah- ()     12/01/2003 00:37 AM

My parents took Travel Guard Policy from TATA AIG in last week of April as they were travelling to US. While we took policy, we were told by insurance agent that it can be bought for coverage of 90 days and later it can be renewed if application is made before expiration of policy. Since my parents got visa for 180 days, we needed renewal.

We approached TATA on 20th July, about 10 days before expiry we were told that it will take 2 days for them to get approval from Bombay office. On 26th they said give us application in writting which I did. (Insurance was expiring on 30th). I got message on 30th that now it can not be renewed as a part of policy of the company. They said that foreign travel policy by nature are not renwable.

I want to warn all who are travelling abroad that do not rely on words of insurance companies. If you are travelling for say 180 days, ensure that you have policy for 180 days from begining.

They have not mantioned any where in policy certificate that travel guard is not renewable. Plus they took application that shows that policy can be renewed.

I am fighting this case with the help consumer forum and request you to contact me if you have been treated similarly by TATA AIG.

There is a case pending in supreme court about unilateral clauses of insurances, which are un constitutional. I have also submitted my case to Insurance Regulatory and Development authority. (IRDA)


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Suresh MK- ()     11/19/2003 15:39 PM


I bought New India Assurance overseas mediclaim policy for my mom from madurai. Here in US, I took my mom to urgent care in Sunnyvale Medical Clinic for diagnosis and treatment. I paid the bill upfront and later I filed the claim upon talking to CorisUSA representative. I did not find any hassle to get the claim money back ( that included charges for prescription drugs and other medical accessories). However, it took them two months to process the claim and to send the cheque.

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Mahesh- ()     11/13/2003 17:24 PM

Hello I am expecting my parents to visit me in couple of months from now and Iam looking to buy insurance for them. After reading your experiences I have decided not to go for indian insurance.
But can somebody please tell me about the insurances listed here? Any experience you write would be of great help to me.

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Srinivas.B- ()     10/18/2003 11:10 AM

I am a regular mediclaim policy holder since 4 years for myself and my mother and till now, we never made a claim. When I went to United India Insurance co. branch office at Hyd. for renewal, they informed that from this year onwards, claims settlement will be done by TPA's like Medsave and Family Healthplan Ltd and my policy was alloted to Medsave. To my unfortunate, I have to admit my mother in hospital for her illness and I informed the same to the Branch manager of Medsave at Hyd. They did n't give pre-authorisation for cash less service and we were also not issued ID cards by the TPA to show it to hospital. We awaited the next day also for authorisation, till no use, and we rashed to their branch office at Hyd. They behaved very rudly, simply saying that they need confirm about cumulative bonus from insurance. co. and at the same moment I made a phone call to the respective development officer of UIIC, he made it very clear on the next day of my policy renewal, he sent the same with photographs, to this TPA. Then only, they have accepted and liasioning with their head office at New delhi, could arrange the pre-authorsiaton for my mother on the next day.

Insurance co. hiked their premium by 30% saying that these TPA's provide cashless facility, ID cards, early claims settlement and all, but whereas coming to practical, nothing is happening.

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