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Insurance Horror victim- ()     10/11/2003 10:45 AM


While my parents were visting me in 2001, my dad slipped and fell, hitting his head. He developed a clot in the brain. He underwent surgery at the hostpital. The bill was $40,000.

National insurance required me to call Mercury which i did. They asked me to file a claim which i did. Then: no response. I made over 200 calls to Mercury's London office. Each time the excuse would be different : you claims processor is not in, the fax machine does not work, the fax did not reach us.

Finally i threatened mercury with lawsuits. They stopped responding to my phone calls. So i dished our $5k from my pocket to pay the surgeon. The hospital luckily was a bit co-operative and willing to help me. But after 1 year in collections, they were losing their patience.

Finally , 1 year after filing the claim mercury wanted to negotiate the amount. The hospial agreed to give a 15% discount. It still took 2 months for the check to arrive and that was the end of my saga with National/Mercury.

Please Note that this was a case where the problem was clearly not a pre-existing conditions.
From the experiences of various people i know, it is common for all visitor insurance comanies to deny claims relating to

a) HeartDisease/Diabetes
- never heard of anyone getting the money
b) All kinds of joint problems
c) Cancers

The only advantage is that since they are based in the US
a) The hospital cannot deny treatment
b) You can fight them in American courts for any unjust decision.

Personally, i have taken Patriot plan for my in-laws when they travelled the next time. However, i never had to file a claim with them. If anyone had experiences with American based travel insurance companies, please POST.

For those of you who are contemplating i

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Mercury-NewIndia Insurance-Victim- ()     09/21/2003 04:39 AM

My father purchased New India Assurance Mediclaim policy in Madras before his travel to USA. He went through a regular checkup with New India Assurance approved doctor before the company approved to provide the insurance. After coming here (for 4month visit) he had a heart attack and we had to spend nearly USA $4000 for Doctor+funeral expenses. We sent all the claims to Mercury and followed up with all the requests for copies of all doctor's certificates.

It is now nearly ONE YEAR after my father's death and I have not received even a single letter acknowledging the receipt of the claims filed or even the status. There are few unsettled claims and I receive letters saying that they will go to third party! which means lawyer's notices and further trauma. No body is holding any responsibility. Is there any forum to fight this case?

Another Mercury-Victim
Gaithersburg, MD

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Rekha- ()     09/11/2003 23:18 PM

It seems that these negative postinings are encouraged by Some people. They are like terrorizing the people and forcing us to buy USA insurance. IN that way they can get some money. One thing is sure that the discussion form is not going as smooth as Visiotr visa. Please note that if we buy USA Visa thru immihelp or otherwsie, these website people will get commision.

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Meghana Khadkikar- ()     08/29/2003 11:47 AM

We bought New-India Assurance/Mercury International insurance for my mother-in-law. She developed some medical condition here and we spent about USD 3000. Its more than an year and Mercury International is not ready to pay saying that it is a pre-existing condition. Co-pays are anyways not covered and medical expenses are too high. The insurance is a total waste.

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Swapneel Khandekar- ()     08/05/2003 20:02 PM

I did not have good experience with Tata-AIG visitors medical insurance.

My parents bought Tata-AIG insurance in India and they were told that if there is no claim in first 3 months, it would be renewed.

My parents are already in US for 3 months and when we contacted the concerned person back in Mumbai, India, we were told the insurance can not be renewed.

My mother already had to go to the doctor. Hence, we already paid the deductible in first 3 months. Now, we are told it can't be extended. My mother already went to couple of times and the bill is $300+. The doctor did not accept the insurance. I asked 3-4 doctors in my area and no one was ready to accept it. I had to pay the doctor. When I contacted Tata-AIG in India, I was told my mother has to file claim once she returns back to India.

Even if I buy insurance from US now, if she gets sick again, I will have to pay deductible again.

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Deepak Puranik- ()     08/01/2003 00:49 AM

I would like to report to you my experience with bad service from Medsave healthcare Ltd, TPA associate for Metsave India

Medsave healthcare is the TPA for the Mediclaim health insurance from United India Insurance

I have a Mediclaim health insurance policy from United India insurance.I have this policy from May 6, 2003. At the time of issuing the policy,
United India insurance told me that the insurer photo card ( which is used at hospitals to get medical facilities ) and a list of approved hospitals would be sent to me by Medsave Healthcare, the TPA, in about 20 days

After waiting for 30 days, I called United India Insurance, who gave me the contact number of Medsave Healthcare in Bangalore, India. I called this
number and the customer service person acknowledged having received my policy details from United India Insurance, but told me that since they
have shifted their office, there was a delay and that I would get my card in a week. I waited for 2 weeks and called them again, only to be told
that it would take 15 days. Well, I waited for 15 days and guess what I had to call again only to be told that it would take 20 more days

As you are aware that without this card and a list of approved hospitals, I cannot use my insurance and if something requires urgent medical
attention, I cannot cover that with my Insurance

I contacted Medsave USA and United India Insurance. Whie Medsave USA sent my complaint to Medsave India. Nothing has happened
It has been about 3 months now and Iam put through all this because of gross negligence by a fly by night operator kind of setup

I am writing this to caution others who buy insurance to see if the insurance company really cares after collecting the premium

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Jitendra karkera- ()     07/23/2003 11:24 AM

My parents came to visit me in May 2001 and unfortunately my dad was diagnosed with acute diabetes.They had overseas medical insurance with National Insurance (supposed to be the best in India !!!). We incurred about $3000 during his medical treatment which being over $500 was passed on to Mercury International (UK based Company). Till date I haven't received any payment from them. I have made 100's of calls and spoke to 20 representatives there, But the only reply is ....there is a delay in receiving payments from India ..so we can't pay the claim now.... I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF THEM NOW. I have given up !!!!!


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Sachin Rane- ()     07/17/2003 21:07 PM

I see that lot of people are posting their bad experiences with Indian insurance companies but I have not seen any posting about insurances offered on this website, US companies?

Does no postings mean people are happy and are not sharing their experience? Probably so, as people are frustrated when they have bad experience.

However, I would love to see someone posting their experiences from US companies.

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Anudeep Pai- ()     07/17/2003 19:48 PM

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Sandeep Bhatt- ()     07/15/2003 17:00 PM

We had purchase medical insurance for my in-laws from National Insurance in India. Their claims are now a days handled by Coris America, after they broke up with Mercury(that is what I heard).

My mother-in-law had to visit emergency room and therefore we had medical bills. Insurance from India was not accepted and I was asked to pay first. I have been trying to contact Coris America's Florida office for long time but the customer service is quite poor. Most of the times they do not even pick up the phone calls and there is a recording that says that calls will be returned within 1 week.

If by chance I can get hold of someone, she does not care, talks quite rudely and has not heard the concept of customer service before. She talks as if she is doing big favor to me.

I would NEVER again buy insurance from India. I am planning to buy insurance from US company when my parents come to USA who are planning in October after my in-laws leave.

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