You Can Have Pizza on Your Flight, and These 15 Other Food Items Too

Do you find yourself gulping down bland airplane food every time you fly?

Maybe you’re vegan or vegetarian. In that case, you may find yourself starving by the time you land, because the airlines don’t provide your preferred food option, or maybe you just can’t trust them. Who knows if that cheese they served you in your sandwich is vegetarian or not!

All the while you could’ve brought some delicious pizza, or maybe some scrumptious vegan pasta.

That’s right! You don’t have to chew on tasteless food or go without eating. You can carry plenty of food in your carryon bag, be it homemade or store-bought.

You may be one of those flyers who are too scared of TSA’s travel rules and hardly bring anything. But, with the list given below, it will be smooth sailing through the security check.

All food items suggested in this list are in accordance with TSA’s food security screening guidelines. So, next time you take a flight, it doesn’t have to be a food nightmare.

1. Pizza

You can carry your order of Dominos or any other airport cafeteria pizza you like, and feast on it while your co-flyers drool.

2. Snacks

Packaged snacks are the most commonly food items brought on flights. Passengers want to be munching on something between meals.

In small sealed bags, you are allowed to bring an array of snacks. Think chips, candy, gum, nuts, snack bars, and so on. Just be reasonable about the quantity and be civil in the way you eat and dispose of the packets. Don’t make a mess in the flight cabin.

3. Cheese

Everyone loves cheese, including the TSA. As long as your cheese is firm, airport security won’t stop you. A block or two of cheese shouldn’t be a problem.

Cheddar, Colby, friulano, marble, provolone, Gouda, parmesan, and Romano are some types of cheese that won’t go bad over the duration of a flight.

4. Chocolate

Chocolate is another weakness of many. As long as your bar of chocolate is completely solid, airport security won’t stop you. Everyone knows that once you get onboard, chocolate will surely be consumed faster than it would take to melt.

5. Coffee and Tea

In small quantities, you can take both coffee beans and tea leaves. But, they need to be dry and loose. That means you can take home some new blend of coffee or tea you’ve discovered on your travels. The opposite is also true. You can take your favorite coffee or tea from home, so you don’t miss it while traveling.

However, remember two things:

  • No liquid tea or coffee is allowed. This should not be a problem, since you will most likely get tea and coffee on the plane, depending upon the airlines of course.
  • Avoid taking any powdered form of tea or coffee, since the TSA is not a fan of powders. You don’t want to be delayed for a misunderstanding.

6. Cooked Meat, Seafood, and Vegetables

This category is basically for any cooked food. Passengers often prefer food from home over airplane food. You can always be more certain of the former.

However, passengers often worry that their home-cooked meals won’t be allowed onboard. This would be true if anything you bring is liquid, like a soup or broth. Gravy is not a good idea either.

Solid, cooked foods like dumplings, rolls, rice, and noodles are all allowed in reasonable quantities. That’s another thing—no need to bring enough food to feed the entire plane. One or two small boxes are enough for you.

7. Cookies and Crackers

These are another choice of delectable snacks. You might want to take some delicious cookies to your destination, or maybe you plan to munch on the way. Whatever your intention may be, TSA has got your back.

Cookies and crackers will sail smoothly through the security screening. Just make sure they’re not crushed into powder. That might be a problem.

8. Baby Food

You don’t want a crying baby on board, and neither does the airline. So yes, baby food is allowed.

In reasonable quantities, you can carry all of these types of baby foods:

  • Solid baby food
  • Baby formula
  • Breastmilk

Just keep it separate for ease of checking. Even if you go a little over 100ml, it shouldn’t be a problem.

9. Cereal

Breakfast cereal gets the green light from TSA. Make sure it is in a reasonable quantity, though.

Whether you’ll get milk to accompany your cereal is dependent on the airline. You won’t be able to carry milk onboard. Bring a cereal that you don’t mind eating dry.

10. Fruits and Vegetables

If you want to enjoy a strawberry or some raisins on your flight, you can. Both dried and fresh fruits and vegetables are allowed on planes.

Just keep these items separate for ease of screening, and you should be good to go. Don’t bring the whole farmers’ market on your flight. A few boxes should be fine.

11. Fresh Eggs

Although it is difficult to conjure up an explanation for carrying fresh eggs in your carryon, it is still allowed. A few precautions to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your eggs are securely packaged.
  • The packaging should be strong enough to protect the eggs in case of movement or fall.
  • If an egg cracks and spills, your whole carton may be thrown into the trash.
  • Don’t make a mess on board. Be responsible.

12. Solid Pet Food

Why forget your furry friend? Their food is as important as yours. Any variety of dry and solid pet food will pass the security check. So, you can take your pet’s food with ease.

13. Pies and Cakes

Did mom bake you a pie? No problem. You’re allowed to take it on your flight. You might be making your co-passengers very jealous. But, as long as you get to enjoy a delicious cake or pie, life is good.

14. Protein and Energy Powders

You can take your protein and energy powders when you travel. Airports allow it in reasonable quantities. So, you don’t have to give up on staying fit even if you’re on a vacation.

15. Sandwiches and Bread

It is completely understandable if you want a wholesome homemade sandwich or some freshly baked bread. No one fancies a half-heartedly made sandwich or stale bread, so these items are allowed on board.

Carry these items in small quantities, please. You are not supposed to be carrying a bakery’s worth of bread for one flight. Wrap up your sandwiches well and don’t overflow them with sauces.

16. Salt and Spices

Maybe you went to a country like India or Saudi Arabia where there are more spices in the market than people. Surely, you’d want to take some of these spices home. Maybe you won’t get to buy these in your country, or maybe it would be way too expensive to ship.

TSA is considerate in this regard. It allows you to fly with salt and other spices in small amounts. Now no one can stop you from cooking up a delicious storm once you land.

Be Ethical about What You Bring

So there you have it. These are the possible food items you can bring to the airport without being penalized for it.

Although we have mentioned quite a lot of items on this list, we would advise you to bring only a few items in your carryon. Bringing too much food, even if it is allowed, would be taking unfair advantage of the rules, and the airport security can tell.

You shouldn’t be surprised if your food ends up in the trash in that case. So, be ethical and reasonable if you want to be treated similarly. All that’s left to do now is plan your trip, buy your travel insurance, and decide what delectable meal to enjoy on the plane!

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