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E/ L Spouse Work Permit

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I am working with finance department
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L2 Ead
Hi All,

Anyone applied EAD in January through Vermont service center and approved recently??
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Vermont Processing time further delayed
Now its from 6 to 8 months :(
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Need information/urgent/please help
Raised L2 extension and EAD extension in May 2019. In Aug we raised expedite request for both L2and EAD.

L2 is approved and received letter too. But status is not changed in USCIS site.

EAD expedite request is approved and they asked me to wait for 30days , didn't receive any update. They raised Service request again and it's approved again but asked me to wait for 45days. I'm tired of waiting but EAD is not received yet.

Please let me know what can be done in this case?

I have a job offer now, I don't know what should I do.Can I join work now?

It's more than 7 months that I have applied for L2 EAD and lost previous job too as it was not renewed on time.
Please help me.
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NEW EAD file foe L2 VISA
Hi Experts,

I want to apply for new EAD as i am currently on L2 VISA. There is a complete checklist mentioned for the entire filing process.

Can i please know if there is some additional documentation that is needed to be submitted while filing.

e.g. payslips of spouse etc.

Can someone please help me? Appreciate the help in this regard.

Much Thanks,
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E-2 Spouse EAD
I filed my EAD renewal on April 12 2019.
I sent the first SD on Sep 10 2019.

Anyone has same experience? I am about to lose my job.
What I can do is just waiting for their reply?

This is really frustrating.

Thank you for your advice in advance.
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L2 EAD - Receipt Date of Jun 05 2019 at Vermont SC
Hi, My wife applied for her L2 EAD and USCIS received it on Jun05 2019. As of today it has crossed 100 days.Is there any one who received the card recently? Last year my wife' L2 EAD was approved with in 87 days and before 95 days she received the card. I went for my visa extension and approved recently, so I applied for her EAD again since its expired while I was working on my visa extension. This year things are pretty much late. Could anyone please share their experience about L2 EAD this year from Vermont SC?

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L2 EAD - Vermont _ Receipt date on 04/08/2019
Hi, I have received my EAD renewal receipt date as 04/08/2019 from Vermont Service center.
I have created an expedite request on 06/07/2019, which was rejected as the category was a18 and not eligible for expedite request.
I have created case outside processing request on 09/06/2019 since its beyond 150 days.
Is anyone with similar issues, anything that we can do get EAD ?
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May filler 2018 interview
Any may filler got interview already?
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Still awaiting my EAD after 8 MONTHS!
I filed for my EAD in February 2nd this year, received my I-797 Notice of Action to say it has been approved on June 1st. Waited 2 months, no card arrived. Called immigration and was told my EAD was sent out, but that USPS returned it to immigration as undeliverable (not sure why?). I then put in a service request to get it resent, they notified me it would take another 45 days. I waited. It still hadn't arrived after 63 days.

This was a renewal EAD, and never experienced this any kind of delay like this when I applied for the first time in 2016. Which only took 3 months from application to receiving card.

So I just called immigration yesterday (October 15, 2018) to get an update. They've told me all they can do is log yet another service request to get it resent, which will take up to 30 days to process, and then it will take up to 45 days to be sent out again.

I'm nervous, I could be waiting until 75 days only to find out they haven't sent it again.

I can't understand how I can be approved to work in June, 2018, but am still unable to work because I have not received my EAD card, and its now mid October, after filing on Feb 2nd.

Losing my mind, and so desperate to be able to start working, so any help or advice on what action I can take to get this fast-tracked would be greatly appreciated.
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