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Queen74     10/10/2016 19:06 PM

EB2 Philippines Nebraska

Priority Date, 11/17/14
I-140- approved 3/14/15
I- 485 - received - 7/29/16
Fingerprint notice - 8/13/2016
EAD Approved - 8/24/2016
Biometrics done - 8/29/2016
EAD Card/AP received - 8/31/2016

Waiting for approval of I-485 and receive the Green Card.Does anyone have any idea
 on how long will it take for approval of I-485 - EB2 , Current.

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rkhazanc     10/11/2016 16:00 PM

I am about a month later than yours. My finger printing is this week 10/14.

But I haven't received my EAD/AP. Do you see a status change in EAD/AP online also ? It does not show any moment. USCIS received all applications on 9/1.


Queen74     10/11/2016 18:46 PM

Hi rkhazanc!

Yes, if your EAD/AP is approved, your status will change to case approved and they will tell you that they already mail your card also the travel document approval notice. Just keep on checking your status, mine was fast that time, after receiving the AOS, I-485, a month after EAD was approved. Yours too, hopefully you will be hearing from them SOON!


Masteruten     10/12/2016 00:32 AM

Hi Queen74,

Did you get your I-485 approved or still waiting ?




Queen74     10/12/2016 19:39 PM

Hi Masteruten!!

I'm still waiting for I-485 approval.How about you? What is your category?


masteruten     10/17/2016 18:01 PM

I am on EB2 too .. been waiting for 6 months now :)


rkhazanc     10/12/2016 14:32 PM

Thank you Queen74 ! Let's hope I get approval soon.

All the best for your 485 !

Keep us informed


Queen74     10/12/2016 19:36 PM

Good luck rkhazanc! Good luck to us! Sure I'll keep u posted!
Hope we both hear a good news Soon!


sunshine_0215     12/15/2016 15:31 PM

Hello Queen74,

Do you have any good news yet in your green card? Thank you.


Queen74     01/19/2017 21:18 PM

Hi sunshine_0251,
I haven't receive any good news yet until now...It's been a while.My status is still the same since Sep.How about you? Any goodnews?


Queen74     08/17/2017 21:13 PM

Thank God the long wait is over! Our Green card got approved yesterday!
After 5 DAYS of receiving the RFE, they Finally approved our I485. It's been more 13 months of waiting to be approve, and at long last, we finally got the answer of what we've been waiting for.
To Go be thy Glory!


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