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Olaoluwapelumi     11/19/2018 21:16 PM

I got married 6th oct 2017,sent my form I:130,and I got a notice receipt which says we received ur form I-130 petition for alien relative Nov 20th 2017,my husband is a green card holder it gonna b exactly one year 2mro Nov 20th,we have a child now,have been abused severally,to the extent that I had to call 911 during my pregnancy and my husband told d cops he doesn’t know me he married me bcuz he wants to get me my papers,tho they did not listen to that and arrested him,and he keeps saying I married him bcuz of what I want to get,I don’t know when they gonna call us,I felt Mayb we were meant to send in all the forms 2geda and immigration said no we still within filing period,can I send my EAD while waiting or just wait till a visa number is available rem my partner is a green card holder,pls advise

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Godswill     12/11/2018 12:05 PM

am sorry about your situation most especially as it's coming from my country-person. I guess you have to wait o get your i130 approved first then you may proceed with EAD application and adjustment of status accordingly. E pele! Naija4lyf!


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