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Mr Kadogo     08/01/2019 22:14 PM

Hi everyone,

I am new here. this is my first post. Thanks to y'all who share your experience.

I am going to file I-751 to remove conditions on my Marriage base green card. I feel like I don't have enough supporting documents.
 I wanted to ask y'all if I should hold my breath and submit, or hold off and get more documents?
Here is what I have:
(the ones with * are what I had submitted the first time to get the 2 year GC)

1. Joint Tax return for last 2 years (been married for 2 and half years)
2. Joint Health Insurance*
3. 401K with my wife being 100% beneficially*
4. Joint Rent Lease*
5. Joint Utility bills (gas & Water)
6. A lot of pictures with my family members and inlaws.
7. I will get 3 supporting letters from family and friends.

We don't have joint bank accounts. we manage our money better keeping them separated since one of us has bad spending habits.

So I am very scared since last time we went for interview, they asked about joint financial, and we explained that we agreed to keep it this way but we were still young in marriage that things might change. we love each other, we live together, and we function well together like that.

Any of you guys advice?
each had a vehicle when we got married and we never shared titles, but I have been thinking, maybe we can legally co-own one vehicle...

90 days start 8/14/2019. I am also afraid if I do something now, they might think it was not legitimate.

thank you.

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