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[email protected]     09/12/2019 06:09 AM

Hello Experts,

Below is my case. I would like to know what interview questions can be asked by VO.

First time applying for B1 visa
Total exp: 6 years
current company exp: 3 years
US travel history: traveled on dependent visa earlier
Other countries visited: Dubai (Leisure)
Marital status: married
Designation: technical consultant
purpose of travel: business meeting with clients

What interview questions can i expect in visa interview(other than mentioned below)??

Purpose of travel?
Roles & responsibilities?
travel details(duration, dates, invitation letter, place of stay)?
project details?
family details?

Also what could be the best answer for "Purpose of travel?" in case travelling for business meeting & requirement gathering in 3 lines.

Appreciate your time. thanks much for your help!

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BLADI     09/12/2019 23:01 PM

You can expect a decision to be made based on how you filled the DS-160....income level, relatives in the U.S {if any] etc

Why is the business meeting not via conference call? why must you travel? why you?


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