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mayank755     09/12/2019 14:15 PM

Hello Everyone,
Firstly I would like to thanks everyone who have shared their experiences on this portal.It really helped me alot. I have got my B1 visa in first attempt . I was searching for many thing which i never found here , like the way you dress, they way you talk etc. will share everything on my youtube channel.
Will share video link soon. till the time here is my experience.

I went to Delhi embassy , after a long queue , i got my number . (5 persons prior to me were already rejected at the same counter where i

VO: Good Morning
Me: Very Good morning (With smile)
VO: Can I have your passport
Me: Yes Please . (I gave it to her)
VO: Tell me about your role and purpose of your visit.
Me: I am working as Senior software engineer , having 5 years of exp . Purpose of my travel is to attend business meeting with business stake holders on xyz tool which helps our sales and marketing representatives .
VO: Nice. So how many days you will be in unites states.
Me: My travel is planned for one week only.
VO: Can I see invite letter and travel plan.
Me: Here it is (I gave my documents). meanwhile i was telling her that i have been invited to attend this and this with stake holders as recently we have acquired xxx company so this trip will help us to redesign xxx tool at offshore.which is help full to the growth of org.
VO: What is you income.
Me: I am getting xxxx per month. But nothing to worry, this trip will pe sponsored by my company xxx.
VO: (Looking at my passport) , So in past did you traveled for business purpose
Me: No mam, I went on vacations to Singapore for one week only with my family.
after 2 mins of her typing
VO: Nice. I am approving your visa. (Golden words) .
Me: Thank you so much . Shall I leave for the day.
VO: Yes. you can collect your passport in 3-4 days.
Me: Thanks . Take care.

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