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leobansal1982     09/16/2019 14:23 PM

thanks ImmIhelp to provide so much of content to be able to prepare for the interview.

While i was scheduling interview location I had both options Monterrey and Mexico-City. I chose for mexico city as both bio-metric and interview locations are very close (Walk-in distance) in here. the benefit of this is, you can survive going to these locations without mobile (this is the rule because of security reasons) because you don't need to book any cab so no need of mobile or money.

below is my experience:
Bio metric 9/10/2019 (7:30 AM) - attended Bio metric in Mexico city. reached at center 15 min before the scheduled time 7:30 AM. it took 15 mins, i was out by 7:45 AM.it was so quick.

TIPS - do not carry mobile or purse, no electronic device, not even Fitbit or any other electronic watch.

Interview 9/11/2019 (10:00 AM)- reached 15 mins before. they asked me to stand in a separate line standing only L1-B/A guys. i was totally blank as i was thinking only all negative scenarios like canceling my L1B too causing no entry in USA again. i was thinking how i will handle this and that :). now my turn,

me:- good morning mam.
VO:- no answer. just smiled. or she was not interested to reply. may be she does'nt like "BUTTERING".

I went into silent mode.

VO:- your application is 1st time visa or renewal?

me:- its renewal?

VO continuously typing.

VO:- I am giving all your documents (which are not of my use) back to you. Give both copies of fraud fees (500$) to me.

She gave me all unneeded documents back to me like my employer's financial data, supporting document etc. and only kept I129S(2 copies) and passport. and guess what.......

VO wrote "APPROVED" on my 129S. what...that is it? She did not even ask a single question and approved my petition. it was so quick as jet speed. I was like it's done.

I was looking at VO like i look at my mother....so kind ....so understandable.

After approved all 3 copies of 129S. She asked me couple of questions,

VO: - what is your role?
me :- I am Project Manager.

VO: - what do you do as a Project Manager.
me :- I answered very comfortably as i knew she already approved my petition.

I was out by 11:30AM. it took one and half hour because of a long queue before me.

TIP:- you can ask VO to return you passport early as you need to fly back on the given date. 95% they agree with you and give a pink slip with date and time mentioned to pick you passport from the interview location itself.

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me.shalini     09/17/2019 14:54 PM

Same happened to me as well , VO stamped all 3 sets and kept one set . remaing 2 returned with green colur slip stating your application is approved .
But when I am checking back my visa app is showing as " Administrative Processing "
can you please confirm what it is showing for you


leobansal1982     09/19/2019 16:44 PM

where are you seeing you status? did they not give the passport?


Vick1781     10/05/2019 14:44 PM

Hello Leobansal1982,
I have an appointment in Dec at Mexico City, however i am thinking of rescheduling at earlier date either cuidad Juarez or Guadaljara. Any comments, my similar question was replied with a link where people were stuck for admin processing for some time. Was yours blanket petition. Also, Admin process seems common in Mexico. Whats your understanding on this.
Sorry for multiple questions.
Thanks in advance.


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