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Layababiee     09/17/2019 02:56 AM

Hi all hope you guys sre good

I requested for expedite processing ead card a email was sent for request of job offer i sent that already two days now stull waiting on a response... now my case was updated for additional evidence for adjusment of Status we sent letter in the mail for request of additional evidence for i485 we cannot make a decision until we recieve these documenta

My question is.. Are they asking for the same thing for expedite or not? after waiting 6 months they just sent out for additonal evidence why?? Should i be concern or worried ? When will the letter come in the mail that states wat documents is needed?
Will i still get a decision about the expedite for ead seeing that its two diffetemt reciept number or will they wait before they expedite

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Keittiany Silva     09/24/2019 11:42 AM

I applied for the EB2 visa on April 15th and I have not received the EAD yet. Someone else in this situation? what long delay!


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