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damslage     09/20/2019 18:54 PM

Hi. my husband interview is on Monday 23rd.. In the ds160 form,we just discovered that only his second previous employement which lasted for 4months was there. His first employement that lasted for 4years wasn't included .Editing of the form is not really possible now owing to the fact that his interview will be coming up on 23rd by.Do you see this as an issue?If yes, how can he slot it in and make the consular aware that he once worked for 4 years during his interview section? His visa is B1.He has been sent an invitation letter from Worl bank to attend a conference. the 4years employment history that wasn't included was when he worked for a world bank project. please help.. how do we do it.?

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BLADI     09/20/2019 23:41 PM

It depends on the questions the Consular Officer will ask?
When s/he sees it's a B-1 visa and observes the applicant has been working there for ONLY 4 months, s/he will be a bit on the fence.
If I were him, I would sneak that information very quickly during an answer to any questions asked and say it respectfully. Also, he should make sure he brings an employment letter that states the same - he is being sent on a B-1, he was been working there for such and such a time, he makes so much, he has this and that benefits etc.


damslage     09/21/2019 06:12 AM

we are thinking of answering like this when VO asks why
he's travelling to the USA.
VO:- why are you traveling to USA?
me :-I have been invited by world bank for a short course xxxxx. Having worked with xyz on a world bank funded project BTW A and B and also with xxxx on a usaid funded project,i believe this course will be a professional advantage for my career even now that I have just been recruited as a vxxx in xxxx state under a world bank project.... He has letters to back up his employment up.
   Is it in order


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