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shoib313     10/22/2019 16:28 PM

Hello Experts,

I've Bio/finger prints interview on Friday and VO on Monday. Please see below questions.

A) If VO ask me what Visa i applied do i need to say B1 OR B2. In DS160 I have added B1/B2 Visa
B) Since i've been perform well this year my company invited me onsite for award ceremony. Also, in my invitation letter my employer added business meetings and Annual Holiday Party. Can i say the same thing i'm going to annual holiday party because i;m performing well ?


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BLADI     10/23/2019 04:46 AM

The first questions is usually the purpose of your trip, based on what you just wrote up there, if you get the visa it'll be a B-2..
Business and Pleasure...

Expect questions ranging from if you have travelled before for such parties, business travels etc...


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