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oz_feb19     10/31/2019 13:59 PM

Hi All,

I had my I-485 application approved last week. My timeline is:

PD: 07/11/2018 [EB2-ROW]
Perm Submitted: 07/11/2018
Perm Approved: 10/11/2018
Concurrent application of I-485, I-140, I-131, I-765: 02/05/2019
Application Received: 02/06/2019
I-140 Approved [Premium Processing]: 02/12/2019
Finger Appointment: 03/18/2019
Case Transferred to NBC: 03/19/2019
I-765 + I-131 Approved: 07/31/2019 (Raised SR on 07/08/2019)
Status change to Interview Scheduled: 07/16/2019 (For interview on Aug 29, 2019)
Interview Cancelled: 07/28/2019
Interview Scheduled (Again): 09/05/2019
Interview date: 10/21/2019
Case Approved: 10/21/2019
Card in Production: 10/23/2019
Card in Mailbox: 10/25/2019

Interview Experience: My wife and I had interview scheduled at 7:15 AM. After passing through the security, we waited in the waiting room for about 30-40 minutes. Then IO called us in. IO was very professional and helpful (we had our toddler son with us) throughout the process. She asked the I-485 yes/no questions simultaneously to both of us. Questions and documents asked were:

1) Proof of continuous employment with current employer: Provided EVL and 4 months of pay stub
2) Full name of both of us.
3) Name of my immediate reporting manager.
4) My usual working hours.
5) Any other work location apart from the listed one: I replied no.
6) Updated latest travel information on the I-485 form.
7) Have we ever seen any immigration judge: both replied no.
8) Have we ever used any government assistant (e.g. food stamp): both replied no.
9) When did I finish school and my job start date.
10) 10 to 15 I-485 yes/no questions to both of us.
11) Briefly went over the medical form (which was submitted along with I-485) as well.

After the interview the IO said, she will order our card and gave a white paper which congratulated us.

Wish all of you good luck in your journey to GC.

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NYkir     10/31/2019 15:08 PM

Congrats!! Which was your intervene office?


Sandy33     10/31/2019 16:44 PM

You were smart that you rescheduled your interview, I had my interview in Sept. and because of the retrogression I am still waiting.
Congrats body!!!


Sandy33     10/31/2019 16:46 PM

Which state you had your interview?


oz_feb19     10/31/2019 16:53 PM

My field office was Phoenix. And, I didn't reschedule myself. I was actually very worried after it got cancelled. Now in hindsight, that cancellation seems to be a positive one.


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