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Ram- ()     07/16/2011 00:47 AM

I surrendered my Indian passport and got the surrender certtificate last year. But now, I lost the surrender certificate and I want to apply for the OCI. What is the process for getting a duplicate copy of my surrender cert? Is it possible? Or do I need to spply and get a new one again (pay 175 dollars?). Any suggestions?


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nij     05/16/2013 08:43 AM

Hi Ram,

I found your post on-line as I have lost my surrender certificate myself and want to know how do I get a new surrender certificate. I do have a copy of the surrender certificate they had sent. However, since I have to send the original surrender certificate for my OCI application, I would like to know what was your experience.

Many thanks,


jsi1234     08/01/2014 17:02 PM


I am currently in this same situation. What steps did you guys end up having to take?


chak74     01/28/2016 00:37 AM

Hello, Folks,
Did you figure out what to do incase of lost and how to get a copy of it from Indian consulate?
Please share your experience and steps to follow.

Best Regards.


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