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Subject: Pathetic Experience from Spice Jet
Name: SpiceJet Aircraft:
Class: Economy Route:
Value For Money:
Ground Service:
Seat Comfort:
Inflight Service:
Food / Beverages:
Internet / WiFi:
Carry-On Luggage Storage:
AC Power:
Wheelchair Service:
Overall Satisfaction:
Recommend: Timeframe: Within last quarter
Review: Dear SpiceJet, I had booked my flight tickets for Pune To Delhi dated 18 January 2014 via PNR No A6SB3G. I got an SMS today that my flight has been cancelled because of some silly reasons. I spoke to Spice Jet Customer care executive Mr. Tarun in which he strictly denied to offer any help. He also denied to speak to the manager of the firm stating that it is not possible. I simply want what sort of customer service are you guys providing. This is a pathetic response from your side in which your managers are afraid to talk to customers. How can you people just send one SMS and refrain from your duties. Tarun gave me the options to fly on 17 or 19 Jan 2014 or to fly from Mumbai. I sincerely ask entire Spice Jet team that Who are you people going to decide my itinerary. Let your customers decide the same. I have an urgent work in Pune on 17 Jan and then some important meeting on 18 Jan in Delhi. Hence I need to fly only on 18 Jan early morning. So , I totally deny the options provided by Tarun and request Spice Jet to arrange my flight tickets on 18 January 2013 only . You can provide me the flight tickets of Air India (AI- 852) or Jet Air ways (9W 366). I have to reach Delhi by 10 AM hence these two are the only options I believe. I have been a loyal customer of Spice Jet and a frequent flier of your flights. Kindly consider my tight schedule and arrange for tickets in the flight options I provided. Pls dont force me to approach media/ consumer forum in such petty cases and resolve the matter very amicably. I am awaiting a positive response from you guys. PS : Dont test the patience of your customers!! Details: Passenger : MANU SRIVASTAVA PNR : A6SB3G Date of Travel : 18 January 2014 Travel Details : Pune To New Delhi.
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