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henna_ttch     03/19/2015 01:05 AM

I had a valid unexpired green card but due to extended stay of over 4 years in India, I had to apply for SB1 visa (returning resident) which recently got approved. However they have with held my green card and asked me to come back to the consulate with medical tests, PCC and completed forms 260 and Affidavit of support form I-134. Request anyone who has gone through this to provide me some details
1. What happens in the next interview
2. Will they give me my green card back?
2. Will they grant me VISA to travel to USA post my next interview date (I know it depends on many factors), any insight or help will be appreciated
3. Is there anything yet that can reject my travel there? what do I need secure to successfully convince the consulate officer and get the permit to travel
4. Form I-134, affadavit of support, which relatives are eligible to apply this for me. I only have a distinct relative who stays in USA and is a citizen. Can she apply this for me?
5. Will I be able to work in USA on a SB1?
Please help me, I am in urgent need to travel, since my son who is 1 year old needs a brain surgery and options here are not looking good for him.

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vinniemak     03/25/2015 12:38 PM

I can't answer your question regarding "what happens in the next interview" etc....but you have a decent chance of getting your green card back. Just follow the procedure for medical tests and competed forms

Have you scheduled an interview yet?? and when you do, tell the VO - you had to work really hard to get your green card and don't take it away etc...and tell him you had to stay in India for the reasons you mentioned here.

Take one thing at a time and you'll be okay. Good luck.


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