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mcamdeleon     04/25/2015 03:35 AM

I've had my interview at the US Embassy for EB3 visa on April 8, 2014. As of September 20111, I have received an employment letter from the hospital i will employed in through my agency White Glove based in New York. During the interview, the consulate saw my sponsor then he told me this is not a good agency and recommended that i find another agency. At first, I brushed it off my mind until they're looking for an updated employment letter in short i was not able get my the visa. So i told the agency everything and until such that until now they have not given me employment yet. They always say the same thing that the hospital was going to undergo JCAHO then between June to July i found out from them that the hospital has given up on me. Until now White Glove have not provided me any employer. What will I do it is already one year since my interview and my current date is January 2007. Help please!

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mcamdeleon     04/25/2015 03:38 AM

continuation.... They demanded that i pay the termination fee of $35,000.00 stipulated in their contract. I had my medical examination all expenses came from my pocket. I was willing to pay for the processing fee. But they ignored my plea... Please what will I do?


sindhujoe     03/20/2016 09:08 AM

try to contact Mr.lalit on [email protected], they would be able to capture your existing I140 approval and help you to an other agency which will place you. Besides, they do not charge you too.
Its worth checking it out.


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