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Rangi0218     10/23/2015 22:19 PM

I got lot of help from this website for my interview so i want to share my experience.

 Rather than telling you about how to enter and process i come straight to the point. The window where you will get all your filed document is the most important part of interview because that is the person who gonna ask you a lot of question about the whole information you provide about your history, study , previous and new employment. while she checking your file she will make notes and officer will ask you the question regarding those notes. all question will be related the information you provide in application. So make sure you go through you application and you must give a quick and short answer.
you should know about your employer, pay scale and benifits who will receive you, where you will stay, wts the traveling plans?

 most of the question will be asked to the main applicant. If you have any bad history in any other country, you don't need to wary until unless you have the police clearance. Officer will not ask you anything about that bcoz you didn't mention . But if they ask better be prepared to answer and be honest. Don't give any false or misleading information. Only answer the question you been asked.

At the end officer will ask you very basic question to make sure you the real person who applied for example when you pass out your college, date of birth your child or spouse, about you job and responsibility.

If you pass they will keep your passport or if they request any document they may give your passport back and ask you to come back with requested document.

Thanks to immihelp and good luck for your interview.

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