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miles556     02/23/2016 16:01 PM

October 26th 2015 - USCIS received I-485 / I-765 / i-131
November 24th 2015 - I-765 approved
December 4th 2015 - received EAD/Travel combo card.

No movement on I-485 at all. Still "Case was received" since Oct 26th 2015.
Also, nothing on I-131. "Fees Were Waived" since Oct 26th 2015
I've been waiting 121 days as of Feb 23 2016.

I've seen other EB3 cases approved between 100 - 110 days.
No updates for me, still hoping. Waiting can be hard some days.

Priority Day March 13th 2015.
Service Center: Nebraska

Anyone else in EB got their I-485 approved ?

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thealchemist     02/27/2016 16:30 PM

I heard from a friend that things have slowed down in Nebraska because of the case transfer from Texas. I think you are still in within the usual time range for I-485, and the good news is that you didn't receive any RFE. Hopefully you will get the approval notice soon!

This is just my opinion, and not legal advice.

- A


miles556     03/08/2016 15:20 PM

My attorney tried requesting an inquiry regarding my case by calling USCIS agent directly. I am at 135 days (12 days above average 4 months processing times) as of today March 8th 2016. They could not provide additional details regarding my case specifically because they said my case is still within normal processing times. However, they acknowledged they are experiencing delays processing I-485s and their estimated time window is no 4 months but 6 - 7 months.

I really hope it will take less than that.


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