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ikps     02/23/2016 17:05 PM

My wife and I are Canadian citizens living in Michigan on H1-B visas (both of us) and have applied for Green Card through the EB2 process. Our case is being handled in Nebraska. We have a 2 year old son who is on a H4 visa. We both hold PhDs and are hired as full-time tenure track professors in two different universities. My wife is the main applicant and our son and I are both dependents on her application. Below is our timeline up to this point:

12/2/14: Wage determination filed
2/12/15: Wage determination complete
3/20/15: PERM filed
10/5/15: PERM approved
10/23/15: Medical examination completed
11/13/15: I-131, I-765, I-140 (premium processing) and I-485 filed (concurrent)
11/17/15: I-485 application received at USCIS office
12/1/15: I-140 approved
12/10/15: Biometrics notice received. Appointment set for 12/16/15
12/15/15: Biometrics completed ahead of schedule as walk-in (proof of travel provided at office)
12/16/15: Advance Parole for our son was approved/received
1/6/16: I-512 for myself and my wife approved
1/14/16: EAD combo card received

Since then, there has been no other activity. Since November 2015, it has been over 3 months that our application is being processed and its nearing four months. Any thoughts?

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miles556     02/24/2016 13:47 PM

NSC is showing an average of 4 months to process I-485s. Please keep in mind this is an average. You’re not quite there yet but you'll be there soon. If your case goes much beyond that you can put in a service request to inquire with the officer in charge. Good luck and no need to worry :)


ikps     02/25/2016 09:29 AM

Thank you, miles556. That's also what I had in mind. The four month period for our I-485 will mature mid March. I'm hoping things will reach a conclusion by then, but if not, I am going to request a status update through our lawyer.


ikps     03/04/2016 15:46 PM

I noticed that your case has passed the 4 month processing time frame. Have you tried submitting an e-request for status update? I'm waiting for mine to reach the 4 months in a couple of weeks and I would like to know if anyone's got a quick response from USCIS.


ads2154     02/24/2016 16:59 PM

ikps, I received my combo card the same exact date as you. My priority date/perm submission date was April 8, 2015. So, I think we are sort of the same boat. Will let you know if I have any updates. I filed under EB3 and from NY.

Please let me know if you receive any update on the Green Card.


ikps     02/25/2016 09:30 AM

Thank you ads2154 for sharing that information. I hope that both our cases move along quickly and reach their conclusion. I will post an update on our case status as soon as I receive any news.


miles556     02/25/2016 10:32 AM

Does priority date has anything to do with I-485 processing times? Mine is march 13 2015 but to my understanding PD only taken into consideration when applying I-485. Once I-485 starts it does not have any effect on the case what so ever. Correct me if i am wrong.


ikps     02/25/2016 10:58 AM

My understanding was that PD could have an effect, but not for the EB2 category. The PD for EB2 is 'current' which means that it should not wait the normal cue, if I'm correct.


miles556     02/25/2016 11:58 AM

Right, you can not apply for I-485 until priority date is current. I am in EB3 and my priority date was current since Aug 2015 but my Perm didn't approve until September 2015.

So if you already on I-485 than you should be waiting just like anyone else in EB or marriage based.


miles556     02/25/2016 15:11 PM

On the side note, what's the main purpose to complete I-485 ASAP? pick a few
- Change job (what is wrong with current one?)
- Just feeling afraid of the whole process being depended on the current job.
- Travel
- To feel like you are at home
- Purchase a property
- anything else?

Let us know


ikps     02/25/2016 16:21 PM

There is no specific urgency in my case. I just prefer to have things on track. I'm happy with my job and don't have trouble traveling either. Since we already own our home, I-485 approval will not give us any advantage there either. Our work visas also have a few years left on them, so that's not really an issue. But I would certainly like to settle and have a more permanent feel about our stay. More importantly, our son still does not have a SSN and although he doesn't need one at this point, I would prefer if everything regarding his status would be in order. Finally, the sooner we receive our GC, the closer we will be to obtaining citizenship which will allow us to vote and have greater engagement with what goes on in our new home.


ads2154     02/25/2016 20:01 PM

Separate question:

Let's say I get my green card approved tomorrow and my card in the mail a week later. How early can I switch jobs? what all do I need to ensure before I switch jobs so that it does not jeopardize my green card status? Could I move to a new job as soon as I get my green card physically?

once I get a green card, do I need to get a stamp of some sort on my passport?

Thank you!


Raker     03/04/2016 14:32 PM

My Timeline is also very similar with Nebraska, and I am living in California . My I-485 application was also received on 11/17/15 and have not had any update since I received my EAD combo card on 1/15/16.

Any update?


ikps     03/04/2016 15:47 PM

No, nothing yet. The four months for our file's processing will mature in a couple of weeks. We intend to submit an e-request after that to receive an update, if no movement is made on the case.


ads2154     03/14/2016 13:32 PM

Any updates on your GC process? Have you heard from them? Good luck? i received my EAD card on Jan 14 2016 and waiting on GC now.

Is there a website where i can check processing time for NY applicants?



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