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Giuseppe     03/26/2020 02:25 AM

Hi all ,
I wanna ask you guys , I applied for a renew of my working permit on June 2019 .
Today is 25 March I still didn’t receive yet .
I need to worry about that .
Also I still waiting for the greens card from the adjustment of stati from student to work .
Please if someone can help , I really appreciate.

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Jeca     03/20/2020 21:10 PM

Hi pls help I overstayed in USA for a year now I’m trying to apply with my husband for Canada he s going to apply for student visa n me open work permit can I get approval and go with him

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KTC     03/10/2020 22:10 PM

Hi there everyone!
First of I filed my asylum application and at the end I’ve received a denial from the court. After that My lawyer filed an appeal form Ohio, so in that time I’ve got married to my girlfriend in 2018 October and filed our I-130 and all the forms that they need.
They called us for an interview in July 1 2019 and right after the interview officer gave us approval, also we received an approval letter in the mail next morning. My question is how long it will take after these steps, my lawyer is working on the appeal now. Is anybody like me in here? Or any information about these types cases ? Please share your experience and knowledge for the sake of God 🙏🏻 Thank you everyone!

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Nicky1226     03/08/2020 00:14 AM

I have a traffic violation arraignment due at the end of the month of April. My lawyer will represent me and try to fight the case. He thinks that he has the chance to dismiss the case. However, I will be having my immigration interview GC most likely next month as well. I have the option to pay and close the ticket but it will affect my license points and my insurance rate. I consulted some immigration lawyer and they said I should be fine since it's not a criminal charge and no arrests has been made.

I was thinking of just paying it and close the ticket but my lawyer said that they might still charge me a Failure to appear in court after I pay the fine.
If I'm gonna go with trying to fight it would it be better to hire a lawyer last minute and go with hin/her during interview?

Any advice will be appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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Nicky1226     03/06/2020 14:08 PM

Hi! Does having I-765 card lowers the probability of having pending I-485 after Interview?
I've been reading a lot lately since I have an interview next month. A lot of people are still waiting for an approval for their I-485 and I've seen their timeline and most of them don't have I-765 yet.or some people have been issued EAD couple of months before the interview. Wondering if they do security background before producing EAD card..

Can someone please share their experience and timeline?

PD August 19 2019
Bio September 13 2019
RFE October 10 2019
Response sent December 23 2019
Rfe received by USCIS December 27 2019
Udate for case is ready to be scheduled: Feb 26 2020
Interview Scheduled: March 4 2020
EAD card is being produced: March 6 2020

Waiting for mails from USCIS

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Glado     03/03/2020 19:26 PM

Hi, is anyone experiencing delays with the Chicago office?
I sent my I-485 on 1st February and no response yet. I thought
it would take 2-3 weeks, it's been a month now.

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Melisia     03/01/2020 10:58 AM

Hi everyone,
Only oct filers?
My PD 10/142019
Biometric 11/18/2019 i765 and I 485 update the same date I did my biometric that my biometric was take
i485 12/12/2019 case update to ready to schedule for an interview since then I haven’t get any new updates
How do you know which office is processing your case? I think my first letter was from Nebraska then my second letter stating how my application will be processed was from NBC. I really would like to get at least a work permit so I can help my husband cause he’s out of a job now, feeling a little frustrated but o still holding the faith

Last but not least can anyone me some advice please

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Nicky1226     02/28/2020 22:41 PM

Los Angeles Filer
August 2019

PD: August 19,2019
Bio: September 13, 2019
Update from Bio: September 14 2019
change of status to RFE sent by USCIS: October 9 2019
Received RFE request letter: October 12 2019

Response sent to USCIS: December 23 2019
Update on status USCIS to response received: December 27 2019
Sent an SR: February 17 2020
Update on status case ready to be scheduled: February 26 2020
Courtesy letter from USCIS regarding Medical Exam: February 28 2020

No approval on EAD and I-130 yet. I've seen a lot of cases where they just sent the combo card on mail without updating it online or they get approval on i-485 first and never received combo card.

My case was pretty fast considering that it was me who took long on responding to them. The RFE was about the sponsor income. I didn't take any vaccines during medical examination since I was pregnant and now I'm required to take all of it. Lol I thought I'll be able to skip it. But That's okay. I waited without calling but I submitted a few SR's.

Evidences I have:

My baby of course - she looks like her dad too lol
Daughter birth cert
Auto insurance
Joint account
Joint taxes
Lease for our house
Medical insurance but hesitating to use it since it's provided by state..
Thousand of pictures
Holiday and birthday cards from my husband's family and friends
Amazon accounts
Costco and sams club accounts
Mobile bills with both our numbers
Utility bill gas and internet
Last will of Testament for both of us
Affidavit from friends and family both side

My husband knows every bit of information since we've been together for more than 4 years now.

No lawyer involved but want to hire one before I go to interview for some complicated traffic violation.

Wishing everyone good luck. Still don't know when I'll get an interview. Maybe a month from now, two or maybe a year idk but I'm being patient and keeping myself busy everyday. I don't have EAD so I can't really work but me and my husband is home everyday which makes time pretty slow and I keep praying that someone from the office is already processing my case. I'll update you guys if I any update soon.

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JoaoToTheUsa     02/26/2020 10:17 AM

Hello guys I was a stunned holding F-1 and married a US Citizen.
This is my timeline:

PD: Oct, 7 2019

Case was received: Oct, 10 2019

Fingerprints were taken: Nov, 12 2019

Request initial evidence: Nov 31 2019

Response for evidence: Jan, 16 2020

Cade ready to be schedule: Jan, 24 2020

(EAD) New Card is being produced: Fev, 25 2020

I know the wait is very hard, but have faith and patience. Everything will be fine for you!

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a.g.cap     02/24/2020 23:09 PM

I have been reading forums from this website since the beginning. It has helped me a lot and understand the process, therefore I would like to share my experience and give you my timeline:

May 16, 2019 Case received
Sep 10, 2019 Biometrics
Oct 2, 2019 Case is Ready to be scheduled for an interview
Oct 5 EAD Received
Jan 14,2020 Interview Scheduled
Feb 24,2020 Interview at 2PM
Feb 24,2020 (10 mins after the interview) NEW CARD IS BEING PRODUCED!


1:45PM Arrived at the USCIS office.

1:55PM Gave my id and was asked to take left and right index finger prints. We sat down and were asked to wait for our names to be called.
10 mins later our names were called.
Sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.
Officer asked for our joint documents.
Gave them our folder containing all copies of our joint documents which include
Credit card, debit card copies
Phone statements
Medical insurance (from my spouse’s company)
Time share documents (we purchased a timeshare)
Car titles with both our names on it
Jewelry Insurance
W2’s of my spouse
Joint tax documents
Rental agreement
All the receipts of our gifts for each other with photos
Letters we gave each other since we started dating
Photo album containing photos with our friends and family members.
Letters our friends sent us.

Upon checking all the documents, the officer didn’t ask us a lot of questions he just asked me for my birthday and asked my spouse for her bday too.
After that, he asked me questions answSerable with a NO. Like “Have you killed anyone?”
Have you committed fraud of any kind?
Have you smuggled drugs?
etc etc etc.
After all those questions, he asked us to sign and told us right away that the adjustment of status have been approved and i’ll be receiving my GC by mail in 2 weeks. That’s all! He congratulated us.
All in all it took us 15mins.

I was not expecting the interview to be that smooth and very friendly. I thought it’s going to be difficult for us since we are a same sex marriage and my spouse was married before to an opposite sex. The officer didn’t dig deeper into our marriage and didn’t ask more questions. I think we provided him with a lot documents that are sufficient enough to justify the genuineness of our marriage.

I guess if you’re marriage is legit, you have nothing to worry about. Just bring all necessary documents that you can provide as much as possible.
Goodluck to everyone who’s going through the process yet. I wish the same luck and positive outcome to everyone.

My process took 9mos until the GC is produced.

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