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JoaoToTheUsa     02/26/2020 10:17 AM

Hello guys I was a stunned holding F-1 and married a US Citizen.
This is my timeline:

PD: Oct, 7 2019

Case was received: Oct, 10 2019

Fingerprints were taken: Nov, 12 2019

Request initial evidence: Nov 31 2019

Response for evidence: Jan, 16 2020

Cade ready to be schedule: Jan, 24 2020

(EAD) New Card is being produced: Fev, 25 2020

I know the wait is very hard, but have faith and patience. Everything will be fine for you!

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a.g.cap     02/24/2020 23:09 PM

I have been reading forums from this website since the beginning. It has helped me a lot and understand the process, therefore I would like to share my experience and give you my timeline:

May 16, 2019 Case received
Sep 10, 2019 Biometrics
Oct 2, 2019 Case is Ready to be scheduled for an interview
Oct 5 EAD Received
Jan 14,2020 Interview Scheduled
Feb 24,2020 Interview at 2PM
Feb 24,2020 (10 mins after the interview) NEW CARD IS BEING PRODUCED!


1:45PM Arrived at the USCIS office.

1:55PM Gave my id and was asked to take left and right index finger prints. We sat down and were asked to wait for our names to be called.
10 mins later our names were called.
Sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.
Officer asked for our joint documents.
Gave them our folder containing all copies of our joint documents which include
Credit card, debit card copies
Phone statements
Medical insurance (from my spouse’s company)
Time share documents (we purchased a timeshare)
Car titles with both our names on it
Jewelry Insurance
W2’s of my spouse
Joint tax documents
Rental agreement
All the receipts of our gifts for each other with photos
Letters we gave each other since we started dating
Photo album containing photos with our friends and family members.
Letters our friends sent us.

Upon checking all the documents, the officer didn’t ask us a lot of questions he just asked me for my birthday and asked my spouse for her bday too.
After that, he asked me questions answSerable with a NO. Like “Have you killed anyone?”
Have you committed fraud of any kind?
Have you smuggled drugs?
etc etc etc.
After all those questions, he asked us to sign and told us right away that the adjustment of status have been approved and i’ll be receiving my GC by mail in 2 weeks. That’s all! He congratulated us.
All in all it took us 15mins.

I was not expecting the interview to be that smooth and very friendly. I thought it’s going to be difficult for us since we are a same sex marriage and my spouse was married before to an opposite sex. The officer didn’t dig deeper into our marriage and didn’t ask more questions. I think we provided him with a lot documents that are sufficient enough to justify the genuineness of our marriage.

I guess if you’re marriage is legit, you have nothing to worry about. Just bring all necessary documents that you can provide as much as possible.
Goodluck to everyone who’s going through the process yet. I wish the same luck and positive outcome to everyone.

My process took 9mos until the GC is produced.

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Eric723     02/23/2020 00:14 AM

Hello I was wondering if anybody has received a green card with a criminal background. I was arrested when I was 17 years old and going to my interview Monday and was wondering if anybody else got a green card with criminal record

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Court1996     02/13/2020 17:51 PM

My husband missed his Master Court Hearing and the judge has put in order of removal. So, our lawyer is going to file a motion to reopen the case, today we received a G-56. Reason for appointment: case review. Bring with you: passport and this notice. It is scheduled with a deportation officer.
Is this where he will be deported? We have already got our i130 approved but his asylum case was pending so the lawyer suggested we get this case moved to Phx from LA. Well we got it transferred and the lawyer back out on us and missed the court date. So now lawyer is wanting to file a motion to reopen. Will this “appointment” still be scheduled after we file a motion to reopen. TIA

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Gov1     02/12/2020 05:03 AM

Thanks house for keeping me sane throughout this Journey.

Houston filer and here is my timeline.

I came to the states with an F1 student visa in 2014. Got married to a USC in January 2017 and filled May 2017. Graduated from my masters same May 2017. I can’t remember when I did my biometrics since i’ve renewed my EAD twice since then Scheduled for interview on December 6th 2018. Got there with my wife, only to find out my file has not arrived yet. We were told that we will be rescheduled. Finally we got another interview date for May 7th 2019. We were separated and video recorded. We spent 45 minutes each inside the interview room. After everything we were told that we will hear from them. Our attorney told us we almost got all the questions 100%.

Fast forward. February 4th 2020 case was approved for 1-485 and 1-130. February 11th I got my 10 years green card in hand. Glory be to God. Keep calm and keep praying yours is next.

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She84     02/04/2020 07:44 AM

Just wanna ask, how long would it take for me to receive notice of interview after status in the online tracker shows that “case is ready to be scheduled for an interview”.
PD 11/26/2019
Bio appointment 12/27/19
Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview 1/31/2019

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ahsansr     02/03/2020 22:28 PM

Hi, I am living at my residence for the past almost 3 years but I recently went on holiday abroad for a month with family and arrived back mid of last month. So when is the earliest time I can file for N-400 application? Do I have to count 3 months immediate residence from the latest date I arrived back from abroad in January 2020?

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Praying4it     02/03/2020 10:37 AM

Married to USC from B1

I485 and I765

October 30, 2019 mailed application
November 1, 2019 priority date
December 2, 2019 biometric appointment
December 3, 2019 case was updated to show finger print was taken

***94 days since last status change

I130 and I131

October 30, 2019 mailed application
November 1, 2019 priority date/case received

***62 days since last status change
Im really worried why there's no update. The waiting game is killing me :(

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Praying4it     02/01/2020 00:51 AM


Married to USC from B1

I485 and I765

October 30, 2019 mailed application
November 1, 2019 priority date
December 2, 2019 biometric appointment
December 3, 2019 case was updated to show finger print was taken

***92 days since last status change

I130 and I131

October 30, 2019 mailed application
November 1, 2019 priority date/case received

***60 days since last status change

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musicat     01/28/2020 22:35 PM

After 37 years legally being with green card in USA , pay all taxes and being lawful person, I went to my interview after 8 months, and I pass my examinations , but they request me to reappear to submit a form N-14 for some original certified court dispositions (they already had copies that I sended)for a court i had for a broken mirror -yes broken mirror -that I had with a car. I went 1,5 month after my interview, to leave them the papers and the lady in the office told me that I should keep the original and give her the copies so I did cause I supposed that she knows what to ask, she did had my form N-14 in front of her !!!
 Now I reiceive a denial and they wrote to me that the cost of denial I didht left them the original!!! I got very upset!!! How is possible from them to make such a mistakes? Now I have to submit a request for hearing again to speak about this fact ,that's so unfair , to waste so much time without being my fault!!!

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