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tessac33     11/08/2017 16:41 PM

I went through applying for my husband's green card and it was a very long and stressful process. The USCIS is absolutely terrible at providing updates and they are incredibly slow. Plus, the process is so archaic, all through paper and mail, and such long stretches between things because they don't want it to be easy. We applied for an adjustment of status (I-131), so that my husband would have authorization to work & travel out of the country before the full green card, but even that took a full 4 months (of which he had to be idle and could not leave). Entire thing was close to a year. It can, of course, vary by case and by region, but here were my milestones (we live in NYC):

7/27/16: application sent via FedEx
there was a bit of back and forth because they sent us confirmation notices and some of them had incorrect info - address and birth date were both wrong (their mistake since the application had the right info) and the correction process was tedious and annoying. still, i don't think it delayed anything.
8/26/16: went to NJ for biometrics appointment
10/21/16: I-131 was approved
11/3/16: received EAD card & travel authorization
4/28/17: received notice that interview was scheduled for 6/1
6/1/17: interview held in NYC
6/16/17: received approval notice and green card mailed
6/30/17: green card received in the mail!

Hope this is helpful. I know I searched endlessly to read other people's timelines, just to have reassurance that my case wasn't off track. It's not a fun process at all, but good luck to everyone!

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paulk     10/23/2017 16:37 PM

No updates after the marriage based green card interview?

I had hard marriage based interview last month like 50 days . Today i called and talked to the tier 2 officer ,she look bit rude .
Me : i ddnt get any updates letter after the interview
Officer : you dont , only you get after approve or get decision

Me : wats my current status
Officer : your file like one of the 1000 applications under review . Under review

Me : when i can get updates
Officer : you have work permit until may 2018 , they will take decision that time

Me: thanks
Officer : have a nice day

What does meaning this ??

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paulk     10/21/2017 11:44 AM

I had really hard seperated interview on sepetember 1st week at philadelphia office . But no updates after that . Im not sure why taking so much time

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happysanghu     06/09/2016 11:54 AM

my brother in law has long set up business in US ,he wants to call me to US to look aftre his business,he is a US citizen. nad im working in india as a technical support agent.
my brother has gas station,stores,etc..just wanted me to come there and look after his business .help me with some guidance

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rt201     03/04/2016 20:46 PM

Applying for Indian visa through CKNG (Cox & King Global Services) website is the most frustrating experience. I have never seen such convoluted and poorly designed forms to enter the necessary information for applying for the VISA.

It will really help the people who are applying for Indian VISA if the forms can be simplified and made intuitive by integrating the instructions and help text within the forms. That is really how forms are designed for information/data entry.

There are only two pages of information to enter for the VISA application, but because the way forms are designed, it takes for ever to enter the information. None of the forms are intuitive and the instructions to enter the forms not at all straightforward. The navigation of these forms are designed by some entry level people, a lot more improvements are needed to make these forms efficient, user friendly and easy to enter.

There is so much duplication in the forms and when an error is made while entering the data, many of the information that is already entered get erased and the defaults selected are not at all helpful. Standard website design principles and techniques are not at all used while designing these forms.

What happened to the IT knowledge and expertise that Indians claim to have??

I called the phone number for help several times and most of the people are not knowledgeable and those who have some know-how have too much ego to give any good help.

It is shameful for the Indian Consulates and the Indian Government to let something like this to be given to the VISA applicants, it is really a torture for those who fill the VISA applications. I hoping that the Indian Consulate and the Indian Government will take the necessary steps to improve this.

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Subhash- ()     03/29/2012 05:00 AM

This site is great. Everything relating to visa is explained in a lucid manner. I was able to file on line applications of my wife and myself based on clear step by step instructions provided by immihelp. We got our visa successfully without help of any agent.
Thanks immihelp.

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Monali Parikh- ()     10/13/2011 15:12 PM


    I forgot to write my Previous work ex for one company in DS160 Form, though I have all the supporting Documents for the same.

I have already submitted the form and confirmation to Consulate office. I have booked my Data of interview too.


I really do not want to redo the stuff as dates get hardly available

Please help..


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New tory burch outlet eaby- ()     10/07/2011 04:13 AM

I will support what the thread starter has said in every word, which also expresses my point of view completely.

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Meriam- ()     10/06/2011 13:10 PM

I came to america on a fiance visa. My petitioner to;d me that he cant marry me because he has fallen out out of love. I am getting married in a week to another US citizen whom I've met in church. Question: Do I have to go back to the Philippines? Is there a way for me to stay and have my husband file a I-130 and I-485 so I can stay since he is a US Citizen? Please advise.

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GOHEL KALPESHKUMAR- ()     08/27/2011 02:52 AM

Dear Sir,

I need multiple visa of U.S.A - 10 Years.

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