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wwicscmplaints     07/15/2014 00:34 AM

Dear All,

I am one more victim of wwics. Please listen my story.

I give 8500 dhm to wwics for australian visa. They took all money in advance and give me a contract to sign.

I did it because till the time as people are talking in a very good manner. As soon as it finished, my case is given to one representative. This guy sent an initial mail for doc and after that stop responding calls and mails.

After that I decided to withdraw my case due to their bad behavior and asked for refund. They told they can't give even if i died on same day i paid money to start a process. They showed me contract and guys it is clearly mentioned in contract that they will not give money back even if visa got rejected due to their negligence. So Please beware while you sign a contract with them.

All above story happened in wwics GHQ dubai office. So I make a promise to myself to teach these guys a lesson.I already contacted dubai police through one of my emirati friend. They told me to collect at least 10 people who have cheated by wwics . He will create a case against wwics and try to close it as they did not want cheaters in dubai. So guys please send complaints on mail id [email protected].

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