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dlocricchio1968     04/27/2017 17:20 PM

Good afternoon to all. I have a quesion, I am a U.S citizen and came to Costa Rica to work for a USA company and my wife it's Costarrican and we have a daughter together born in USA. When we came this way I didn't know we had to apply for a re-entry before we left. So after 1 year in Costa Rica my wife got diagnostic with a Pulmonary Hypertension and with that condition she's not allow to travel, so she have being in CR for about 4 years, so I came to the state to get mea job that provide health insurance for me and the family. So I need to know what to do next to get my wife in to the USA.

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Daisychristina     01/31/2017 02:33 AM

Today they approved my I-131. I should receive something within 30days. So my question is can I re-entry the US with my re-entry permit even when I overstayed for 2 years? I'm fearful that costume people here in US are going to deny me when I come back because I overstayed even with my USCIS permission re-entry permit.

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Juliereid     11/14/2016 13:06 PM

I have apples for immigrant visa to USA. My interview is in December . I can't put my house up for sale until after Christmas and I am worried it will not be completed and everything finalised in six months from December. Can my visa be longer

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Shaju     09/19/2016 22:41 PM

Dear sir, I am a greencard holder. In my reentry permit which i obtained from Florida state, my middle name is mis-spelled. what is the address to sent it for correction? Regards Shaju.

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suseo31     11/10/2015 21:39 PM

I am a Permanent Resident who travels frequently for business reasons. I had applied for this document as a secondary travel document after my passport, and another layer of security to prove that I am an LPR who did not abandon my residence.

Here's a timeline:
09/21/2015 -- Mailed to USCIS Lockbox via USPS Priority Mail
09/23/2015 -- Receipt Date
09/25/2015 -- Fingerprint Fee Received and Notice Sent (Lincoln Nebraska Service Center)
10/02/2015 -- Receipt and Biometrics Appointment Notice (I-797 with 10/14/2015 scheduled for biometrics) received.
10/05/2015 -- Walk-in for biometrics
11/10/2015 -- Document produced and mailed.

Took circa 50 days after filing.

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vaxo29     06/29/2015 14:01 PM

Hello, i have green car , which i got it in 2008 then i've leaved in usa for 2years and then left usa. now im in my home country for 5 years , got married , have 2 kids.
 my question and biggest wish is to go back in usa with my family.
it possible? if yes, how?

best Vakho

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[email protected]     03/19/2015 10:14 AM

hi I have family member who's kid is GC holder, and currently over see for spiritual treatment 2 weeks from now it will be one year, and his parent never apply for his traveling document can he still get in US with out any issues.

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risktaker     08/14/2013 06:37 AM

I am US citizen. I have 2 kids both has passport and my wife has green card which will expire December 2014. Due to family emergency we had to move out from USA December 2nd 2009 and my wife dose had travel permit as well. She is there almost 3 years. We did joint tax file every year except 2012 as self employee even from o.ut side of USA. Now i am back to US looking for job, and trying to bring them back to USA and I have some family member who may do the join sponsor for me if needed.

So In order to reentry to the USA do I have to file again for IMMIGRANT VISA WITH I-130, I-864 or RETURNING RESIDENT VISA WITH DS-117, SB-1,DS-230 ? Which way should bring her faster here in US and how long will take to do the whole thing? Does anyone know about it ? Your expert and humble advice will help me a lot.

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Greencard123     06/23/2013 01:53 AM

Hi friends,

I will be submitting my application for GC through marriage very soon. I am on H1-B status currently and have plans to go to India in December to see my parents. My question is should I apply for EAD plus AP? I already have H1-B but I don't have stamping on my passport. So on my way back to US , I have to get stamping and I do not want to go through all that hassle. So if I apply for EAD + AP , would I still need to get H1-B stamping on my way back to US ? When i reenter US and in case I dont get stamping on my passport , can I still use my AP to enter?
Any help is highly appreciated.

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sethpiyush     02/06/2013 00:50 AM

Hi All,

I am a US citizen by birth but never lived in the USA. After my marriage i had applied for my wife's immigration and in may 2010 My wife received her temp gc.

In dec 2010 my wife moved to the US and worked till apr 2011. In may 2011 she returned to India because of some personal commitments.

Her temp gc was to expire in may 2012, so we applied for permanent gc in mar 2012, unfortunately she could not travel for biometrics in april2012 as she was expecting and the doctor in India had asked for complete bed rest. She delivered in June 2012, but since the baby was premature she couldn't travel.

I need guidance on the following:
1. How does she apply for a reentry permit as she had not applied for one before leaving the US?
2. We tried for my daughter's US citizenship by descent but I was told by the consulate that since I have not lived in the US for a period of 5 years, I am not able to pass on the citizenship to her. So can someone guide on it?
3. We have approached Indian embassy for my daughter's Indian passport, to apply for the same I have to get my name endorsed on my wife's passport which means the Indian embassy will cancel her current passport and reissue a new passport. With change in passport what are the implications on her green card.

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