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sus- ()     12/30/2006 10:10 AM


Pls try this site, double the time that reliance offers to call India

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Sunny Singh- ()     12/17/2006 17:53 PM

Airtel Call Home is really a piece of crap. Worst customer service and site I have ever seen. I have Waited for one hour for somebody to pick up the phone on their so called 24*7 Customer service. Not once, not twice I have tried to call them up atleast six to seven times since past 7 days.
Their customer service is not available 24*7.
I have sent them so many mails and no replies and on the top of that they have deducted money from my bank account.

At the time of sign up, they don't ask for any userid but while logging in, they ask for userid and password, how strange? Please beware before signing up for AirtelCallHome. I signed up because Sharukh was there in the advertisement and they were giving a low rate. But really its wasting your money.


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bk- ()     09/21/2006 11:24 AM

Tried many cards, but reliance calling card is best among all to my experiance.

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Guru- ()     08/30/2006 13:12 PM

U can buy tataindicom calling cards using indian ICICI bank account and also with credit cards issued in India. It costs 6.5rs/min.

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Gerry- ()     07/18/2006 16:17 PM

How can i make call back home in india if i arrive in the US for the first time?

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Ankolekar, Satej- ()     06/01/2006 19:55 PM

I used to buy these Crazy New york calling cards which reduced the time to 13 minutes on $2 , I don't know why from 18 minutes. Finally a friendly Amoco dealer here on Jericho offered me this monster Calling card which give 22 minutes for $2 US. That was good. I don't know anything cheaper than that cost! I also on emergency use VSNL calling cards. They charge Rs.6.50 per min.

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Indian- ()     05/31/2006 10:31 AM

Never buy calling cards from 9278.com. They cheat you on serveral cards they have. Most of the cards they market are their own and they say they are not responsible for the quality or balance issues.

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Reddy- ()     05/29/2006 01:12 AM

Please don't waste money by USING the

These websites are really ripp off!!!

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Masha- ()     12/02/2005 11:28 AM


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ak47- ()     09/20/2005 16:53 PM

relianceindiacall.com is the best if ur calling from US to india . its very easy to use as all u need is to to their website and subscribe to the service .its damn cheap 10 $ u can talk for 77 minutes and a 25 $ deposit will let u talk for 200 minutes!!! ie 8 minutes for 1 $ !!! or less than 6 Rs /minute.

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