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Rara     01/09/2020 20:13 PM

Married to a usc
Fingerprints applied to your case -10/30/2019
Case scheduled -11/22/2019
Interview Date-01/09/2020
New card being produced -01/09/2020

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nich89     12/26/2019 10:52 AM

Anyone here experienced i-485j approval but the green card still not receive?

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Vinnyboo     12/12/2019 22:48 PM

PD for AOS and I-130. - 10/11/2019
Biometrics- 11/13/2019

Married to USC
PD I-765. - 11/01/2019
Biometrics - 11/27/2019
I-765 - Case being actively reviewed by USCIS - 11/27/2019
Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview- 12/12/2019

I’ve seen various times for complete process but I’m thankful to GOD and will continue to keep a positive mind.

Has anyone had any similar response time and if so how long did it take for the interview to be scheduled?

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RI_Aprilfiler     10/25/2019 19:45 PM

Hi there,

4/15/19 - Case Received
(This was for both:AOE i485 AND
Combo card (Employment Authorization + Travel Doc)

4/19/19 - Accepted Fingerprint Fee / working on case

7/17/19 - R.F.E Letter
(requesting updates tax returns for my sponsor)

8/19/19 - R.F.E Received / working on case

9/5/19 - Ready to schedule interview (A.O.E)

9/16/19 - Interview Scheduled

10/17/19 - Interview @ Johnston Office - Rhode Island

(Ps* Interview could’ve gone better if we had better prepared- we live together and thought since it was legit we had nothing to worry about. BIG MISTAKE! We arrived half hour before, my husband was called in first, alone 20 min before the actual scheduled time. He was in the room for 40 min then I was called in, stayed in for 20 minutes, then they called him back in for another 5 minutes... We have travel plans for Nov 8th and I brought the tickets for both myself and my husband, she didn’t want to see it. Only after seeing my combo card she mentioned I COULD leave the country without worries but I might not go at all since I havent heard anything back from the interview and don’t want us both being gone when they could ask for more evidence. I had taken a folder with a ton of bank statements, life insurance paperwork, credit card statements, travel (weekend getaway) receipts, 2 photo álbuns - 1 of the wedding and 1 with all sorts of pics for everything we had done until the weekend before the interview in case they wanted to keep any of them - she hardly looked at them - sad. I had spent MONTHS putting together my beautiful wedding album and our “adventures” album. :(
As of now I’m waiting for them to either show up at our house or another RFE letter.... I did miss out on some other docs such as car insurance paperwork, junk mail, birthday cards, anniversary cards, Our joint taxes, yup, I forgot to bring a printed copy of our joint taxes...

Advice if I may : prepare, prepare, prepare- take all the docs you have, go over basic information and put down a timeline of dates on paper so you don’t BLANK OUT. It is intense being interrogated knowing your future depends on it and I totally blanked out multiple times.

I download the paid version of the USCIS
app but yet nothing has been up Updated, neither via mail nor via the app)

Good luck and where are all the Rhode Island filers???

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May2019filer     10/19/2019 22:12 PM

Thank you all for sharing your experiences. My journey is almost over. Below is my timeline.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.
5/2/19- Application sent
5/3/19-Application received by John
5/10/19- Txt confirming receipt
5/11/19- I-797 Notice of receipt for all apps
5/17/19- Biometrics appointment notice
5/31/19- Biometrics appointment
8/28/19- Case ready to be scheduled for interview
9/7/19- Interview Scheduled
9/13/19- Interview notice
10/18/19- Email notice that forms I-130 & I-485 had been approved and approval notices sent
Now just waiting for the notices and green card in the mail.
Good luck to everyone and God bless.

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johndough     09/24/2019 00:24 AM

I would really appreciate some advice.
On July 2016 I got married, filed my i130, i485 and i765 ,
Did my biometrics about 3 weeks after, got my EAD February 2017, I was fresh out of school and my i120 expires before my marriage, but my visa was still active, I had my interview with USCIS in June 2017, and heard nothing for months even if I kept booking infopass and was told I was wishing the processing time, I kept renewing my EAD and this prompted me to seek legal counsel, in 2019 I got a notice of intention to deny and they were asking for supporting documents for my i130, the interview met only picked a few of the docs I handed over during the interview, so I gave my lawyer joint taxes, lease with my wife, insurance, marriage certificate but found out months later in a correspondence that USCIS claimed they didn’t receive it, and denied due to abandonment, so I had to file my i130 again, and my i485 came back denied with USCIS claiming I wasn’t supposed to be in the USA even if I filed after being married, so now I have a job and they just cancelled my EAD , I have filed my i130 and gotten a notice of action, I can’t lose my job because that’s my means if livelihood for me n my wife as I earn way more and have a great career, pleas what’s do I do to save this situation, I have been depressed over this.

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Summerlane123     09/17/2019 22:08 PM

Hi everybody,
Is someone of you out here that could give me an idea what's going to happen after you miss AOS interview at 8am.
There was traffic and had a hard looking for parking.
I could use your motivation and hoping to think in advance what will be going to happen?

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Carlapalacios     08/20/2019 21:13 PM

Hi after 9 months from my fingerprints i got my interview (test) for Citizen I passed it but officer gave me “a decision cant me made yet” letter, I wasn’t the only one, i’d like to know if someone has same answer. Thanks 🙏🏽

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Cat01     08/13/2019 17:22 PM

Hi everyone! I just want to know if there are March 2019 filers from Orlando in this forum? My PD is March 1,2019. No EAD/AP YET. Waiting for the schedule of my interview. If there are Orlando filers here please let us know your timelines, thank you. May God bless us all!

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Alfredoleons     07/17/2019 10:48 AM

Hi All,

Has anyone in this forum managed to renter the US -with an appropriate immigration status- but also with an expired Venezuelan passport?

Context: A month ago the Venezuelan government in exile issued a decree that was later recognized by the US, essentially extending the validity of expired Venezuelans passport for an additional 5 years beyond the printed expiration date, by which Venezuelans holding an appropriate immigration status are eligible to renter the us even though they hold expired passports. Link: https://www.state.gov/the-united-states-supports-extension-of-validity-for-venezuelan-passports/

I ask because I haven't hear of anyone actually going through with this and I live in MIA. I intent to travel to Colombia in April 2020 to have my wedding and by that time my passport will be expired. After facing the impossible task of renewing my Venezuelan passport, I refuse to thousands of dollars to the Venezuelan passport mafia to get it renewed.

Has anyone managed to re-enter the US with an expired venezuelan passport? (Please share your experience..

Thanks in advance

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