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shimooli     08/08/2017 19:45 PM

Hi everyone,
on August 3 my application was updated to "You card is being produced" then on August 7 it changed to "Your card was mailed" but no tracking number was provided and when I called them they did not give me any information.
However, I found a useful way to track your card.

Simply go to www.USPS.com
Create an Account
go to "My USPS"
Sign up to get notifications whenever a shipment is being sent to you.

On August 8 I got a notification email that a shipment from Kansas MO is being sent to me from the USCIS office. And that the expected delivery date is August 10. So hopefully I will get it in 2 days.

Hope this helps someone.

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sam patel     07/19/2017 03:08 AM

i applied for my initial opt but after 94 days i got denied from USCIS ,i am a international student .i dont wanna leave US. what should i have to do next ? can i join another college ?

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beinginamerica     04/21/2017 13:29 PM

Hi guys, so my case was updated to I765 approved on 4/3/17 and later that day is changed to card being produced. On 4/10/17 I got a notice that my card was mailed but I have not received it. Anyone who got their card mailed on April 10, have you received it in the mail? Should I call USCIS? The notice said if I don't receive the card by May 10, 2017 I should call them.

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sanjay111999     04/03/2017 13:00 PM

Am a recent graduate from December 2016 from state university . I applied my OPT application in November and my packet got received to USCIS on Nov 9th, 2016, and received my receipt number by email and mail.

I have called to USCIS representative and also raised service request , they were responding that it was still under processing. And it may take more 15days-30 days from February.

Please help me in further process

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RajVasireddy     01/03/2017 14:14 PM

Hello there,

I've graduated from one of the universities accredited by ACICS which is now no longer being recognized by the Department of Education.
          - source: https://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/2016/12/acics-loss-of-accreditation-what-it-means-for-schools-and-international-students

I've emailed the SEVP to know whether I'm eligible for STEM OPT (24 months extension) and here's the response: "If the student wishes to apply for the STEM OPT Extension, the school from which the student received their degree must become accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the Department of Education prior to the student submitting the application for the STEM OPT Extension."

There are thousands of students like me and I'm sure I can gather most of them if I need to. Right now, I am stuck at where/how to start. We being graduated while the university was accredited, we shouldn't be penalized for it losing accreditation. Request you to help us suggest a work around, whom to approach, what can we do (or) anything that helps us in this case.

Remember - There are thousands of students like me in OPT and we all will be affected.

Appreciate your time.


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Mourryaa Raajaala     11/28/2016 16:54 PM

I applied for OPT STEM extension. Case was approved and card was delivered to me. After 20 days the status changed to "Notice Was Returned To USCIS Because The Post Office Could Not Deliver It".

Do anyone have idea about what sort of notice that I am missing ?

As my case was approved I am bit confused about this notice.

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Charuu     06/10/2014 15:00 PM

Hi, i have done two almost equivalent subjects in Masters - Software engineering. Including those two i am going to complete 12 subjects.

Since i will be having those two similar subjects in my transcript will there be any issues with OPT which i will be applying by this September?

Please provide your inputs if you have any idea/knowledge about my issue.

Note: Courses were similar because in the transferred university i took the equivalent course of which i had already completed in my previous university.

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