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jasdeep.jaoactud solemnit     08/11/2013 15:36 PM


I have recently moved to Texas (Austin) from India on H1B. I hold valid Indian Driving license (in English).I wanted to rent a car and drive but not sure if Indian Driving License holds good on texas roads.

Any information on if i can drive on IDL or not would be appreciated.


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jd- ()     10/20/2012 21:12 PM

in my passport, i have:-
Last name:- (blank)

in my HIb visa, i have
First name:- FNU
last name:- XXXXX YYYYY

I have already recieved my SSN long back..with the name XXXXX YYYYY

now i am going to apply for a DL, wat problem i can face due the passport visa names mismatch.?
wat name should i use going forward here in US for all other things including DL? Shuld i use last name blank(as in passport page) or shuld i use as per visa page? or any other way?

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Satish- ()     08/09/2005 16:11 PM

Take your yellow pages and you can get a list of driving schools.Call them and tell your problem you can take a few or more lession till you get comfortable.

These is a safety issue and do not look at 100-200$ and thinking of saving as if in a accident the insurance with hike points and charge you a few 1000 $ in insurance for 6yrs for each point.

I have seen too many of my buddies save 200$ and get into major accidents and pay 500$ deductable with points hike

good luck.

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Scared of Freeways- ()     06/16/2005 00:34 AM


I am new to the USA and recently have learnt car driving.
I still am not confident to get on freeway and always look for back road to take as merging in highway is very scary and I always think I will have accident.
does anybody have similar experience and can you share your experience how you overcame this fear?
Maybe I will gain from your experience and become more confident driver!

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Ram- ()     02/15/2005 19:11 PM

I came to US on a visitor visa in 1999 and thereafter adjusted to student visa. In 2002, a motel owner proposed to sponsor me H1 visa, provided I pay $10000 and all other expenses.I was also to work for 16 hours daily and available for 24 hours. He promised me that after one year green card sponsorship will start. But after one year he sold the motel and I was out on the street. Later on I came to know that his wife was conducting business in colloboration with a New York Lawyer. She would contact people in India and South american countries and sponsor them H1. But once they are in USA, they are thrown out after a month's job. She has brought more than 200 aplicants as nurses, motel managers, cooks etc. and charged them for her fees, INS fees, lawyers fees etc.
Please beware of such people.

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