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Suri- ()     02/24/2010 19:56 PM

I've have only known about this site for a week or so but can see the kind of useful and expansive information if offers. Thanks for the great community service!!

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Vikas Khanna- ()     02/18/2010 16:46 PM

Thank you for running this website with up-to-date information. It has been very helpful.

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Kunal- ()     02/13/2010 21:10 PM

Hi Immihelp.com,

I'm so happy to announce that your are the number one for providing detailed US Visa information. Recently I used B2 Visa information for my Parents and you have each and every detail mentioned on your website. Fantastic work. Superb.

You really saved my money that could go to the Agent's pocket if you haven't provided this detailed information.

Keep up the good work.


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Elamie- ()     02/07/2010 21:54 PM

It has been our guide, i mean me and my fiancee...once we get squared and am able to go there... i will visit here once more to say thank you.

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Anon- ()     01/13/2010 06:27 AM

I have not made any immigration filings yet, but the information on your site will allow me to. Information on government websites was spotty and unclear, while yours was straightforward and clarified so many things. Thanks for the effort, it is very much appreciated!

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Khalid Chodhry- ()     01/12/2010 10:46 AM

It is a wonderful and commendable job done by the team of some professionals. I salute them for using their energy toward this noble cause and a true humanitarian work.

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yinus aiwinnilomo- ()     01/12/2010 09:49 AM

This is a wonderful site with detailed documentary requirements to assist the would-be visitor to the US. The site is marvelous

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amod- ()     12/28/2009 00:48 AM

Very thanks for having this web site. This is one stop for all immigration related information. Every time I have visa stamping or immigration related question, I come to immihelp.com
The best part is the web site provides all this great information for FREE!!!
Thanks a ton immihelp

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Divakar- ()     11/29/2009 21:17 PM

This site gives very good information about all kinds of Visas. Very much help full.

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Rajkamal- ()     11/15/2009 09:54 AM

This website is a damn cool and magnanimous collection of Immigration details like details on Visa,greencard,procedures involved in this highly complex procedures. I say that the creator of this website has just done a great job for all those are planning to move to the US for any purpose. Good work.. Keep it up!

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