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ketyraquel91     11/26/2019 13:26 PM

Good morning, I'm from Cuban, but I came to USA in November 2017, I was in immigration center detention for 37 days, and after that I got a paroled under Sec 212 (d)(5). When I was out of the detention center one month later, I received my firth citation for my immigration court, I have already gone to 3 immigration courts, and I have the last one the next year in august 2020. In December 2018 I applied for my green card under the Cuban adjustment law. I got my fingerprint, I went to my interview and they approved my green card, and finally I got it, my permanent resident card. But now I don't want to wait until my last immigration court, I want to close my case, but i need to know how to write a Motion of Termination. Thank you so much, and I hope you can help me, thanks. Regards

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greatking2ng     03/12/2019 23:07 PM

I'm currently in removal proceedings. I was arrested by local police in phoenix in december for DUI and transferred to ICE. In January 2019, I was given a $10,000 bond by an immigration judge and i'm currently out on bond now. The judge asked if I had any fear of returning to my home country and i said no, I designated my home country as my choice of deportation. Now i have a court case coming up in April, is it possible for me to change my pleadings and tell the judge I wish to apply for asylum based on fear of persecution of my religion?.

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Ashm420     01/21/2016 00:23 AM

I Recently Got Married In October 2015. I filled for i-130, i-131 and i-485. I recently got a notice that my i-131 was denied. The reason being my Mother had filled for a Asylum case back in 2010 and i was included in that. So they denied me advance paroled.( I don't really care about traveling ) Now I'm Scared that this might effect my i-485. Since i filled these concurrently will the local immigration officer be able to approve my i-485 along with the I-130 at the interview or i would have to get my i-130 approved first ? Also is their anyway i can take my name out of the asylum case or put it on hold until my i-130 and i-485 are approved. PLEASE HELP !!!

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Gina13     10/18/2015 14:17 PM

We have a case that is in administrative process. Is it possible for my husband to come and apply to be taken in as a asylum person? His parents are abusing him and threaghten his life for having tattoos , it is against the religion(

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sberaki0     08/30/2013 07:27 AM

    A person who is already in Refugee camp.
   Does hi/she has right to apply Refugee Resettlement and Asylum by their self?

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KBoy- ()     05/18/2011 00:18 AM

I applied for asylum and my case was referred to the immigration court. I have been dating my girl friend who is a US citizen now for about two years but I am married and my wife and I are divorced. It seem as if my girl friend is pregnant and to rescue me from child support we plan to get married this June. As I am in the removal proceedings, will it be good for me to wihdraw my asylum application and adjust my status with the marriage? How long can it take for me to have a temporal green card because my case was reschedule to 2012 for individual hearing. Thanks

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